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March 27, 2000


Washington D.C – ATF
Director Bradley A. Buckles is pleased to announce the appointment of
a new Deputy Director, Patrick D. Hynes who until now was the Division
Director (Special Agent in Charge) of the Washington Field Division. The
position of Deputy Director was formerly held by Bradley A. Buckles, who
assumed the helm as ATF’s Director on December 20, 1999.

As Deputy Director,
Hynes will work with Director Buckles to shape and prepare ATF for the
challenges of the new millennium. His mandate will be to continue to address
one of the critical issues that faces the United States, namely violent
crime. He will provide leadership in the application of 21st
Century technology such as the National Integrated Ballistic Identification
Network and Online Lead.

The reduction of the
incidence and costs of violent crime is of paramount importance to the
Bureau and its mission. Deputy Director Hynes will be key to the development
of strategies to deny criminals access to firearms, safeguard the public
from arson and explosive incidents, remove violent offenders from our
communities, and provide outreach opportunities such as the Gang Resistance
Education and Training program to our Nation’s youth.

ATF collects approximately
$13 billion annually in tax revenue for the commodities it regulates.
He will also be instrumental in maintaining sound revenue management and
a regulatory system that continues to reduce taxpayer burden, improve
service, collect the revenue, and prevent illegal diversion.

Deputy Director Hynes
has a distinguished career in government service. After 2 years with the
FBI, Deputy Director Hynes joined ATF in 1972 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
He rose through the ranks as Resident Agent in Charge of ATF’s Reading,
Pennsylvania office; Special Agent in Charge of the Programs and Procedures
Branch within the Planning and Analysis Division, Washington, D.C.; Assistant
Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division; Chief of the Planning
and Analysis Division, Washington, D.C.; Special Agent in Charge of the
Washington Field Division; and Assistant Director, Liaison and Public
Information. As assistant director, he was the principal spokesperson
for the agency and directed the bureau's policy concerning media relations,
liaison representation programs, and ATF's national public relations initiatives.