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For Immediate Release:
Neeta Sullivan

29, 2000

The Bogus Fireworks Danger Factor

- M-80, ashcan, and quarterstick are some of the street names for illegal
explosive devices falsely described as fireworks. All types of the illegal
devices have maimed and/or killed.

A typical
M-80 is about the size of a half-roll of dimes, with a fuse. Quarter and
a half sticks are even larger.

An M-80
is "touchy" and a bump, heat, or static electricity can detonate the device
in your pocket ... your hand ... your face.

sometimes sell M-80s in bags of a "gross" (12 dozen) and sometimes store
hundreds of pounds of illegal devices in homes and rental storage units.
Those places become huge, unstable bombs capable of shattering residences
and businesses in an entire city block.

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