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23, 2000


DC - The Department of the Treasury and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco
and Firearms (ATF) announce the launching of FFL eZ Check - an online
Federal firearms license authenticator web site which federally licensed
firearms dealers (FFLs) can use to make sure that they are shipping
guns to other licensed dealers. In addition, ATF will publish a Notice
of Proposed Rulemaking to require that when transferring firearm to
another FFL, an FFL verify the transferee's license information by querying
ATF's web-based FFL eZ Check or calling ATF's National Licensing Center,
and report invalid licenses to ATF.

Check is an innovative tool to help reduce illegal access to guns by
criminals, juveniles, and gun traffickers." said Treasury Secretary
Lawrence H. Summers. "With these steps, the firearms industry and
ATF will be better able to prevent illegal market gun transactions and
help keep our streets safer."

eZ Check is only the latest of ATF's many innovative approaches to reducing
firearms trafficking, this one involving industry members in the prevention
of violent crime. Under current Federal law, licensed dealers are only
permitted to ship firearms to other licensed dealers. But incidents
have occurred by mail and using the Internet where individuals have
altered copies of Federal firearms licenses to illegally acquire and
supply firearms to criminals and young people. With FFL eZ Check, a
Federal firearms licensee can verify the legitimacy of the licensee
with whom he/she is doing business before shipping or disposing of the

A user
accesses FFL eZ Check through ATF's web site at

and is given a series of prompts to verify the information shown on
the license. If any piece of information on the license does not match
the information on the screen, FFL eZ Check will

instruct the user not to complete the sale and to contact ATF's National
Licensing Center. Federal firearms licensees without web access may
call ATF's National Licensing Center at

(877) 560-2435 to obtain a verbal validation of the license. The Notice
of Proposed Rulemaking will require such verification and require licensees
to notify ATF if a query results in a determination that the license
of the prospective buyer is invalid.

Director Bradley A. Buckles added, "Our goal is simple: to keep
guns out

of the hands of criminals and our youth. It is imperative that our Nation's
children experience childhood free of the threat of firearms violence.
FFL eZ Check and ATF's other programs aimed at reducing illegal firearms
trafficking and firearms violence are steps toward that goal.

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