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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jim Crandall

February 9, 2001

FY 01-03

End of registration period for unregistered USAS-12, Striker-12, and Streetsweeper

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) on February 9, 2001
announces the availability of ATF Ruling 2001-1. This ruling advises persons
in possession of any "USAS-12," "Striker-12," and
"Streetsweeper" model shotguns that the period for Federal registration
of those firearms will expire on May 1, 2001.

These three high-capacity 12-gauge shotguns were classified by ATF in
1994 as "destructive devices" under the National Firearms Act
(NFA), 26 U.S.C. Chapter 53. The classification was made because the weapons
have bores of greater than one-half inch in diameter and are not generally
recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.

Unlike typical sporting firearms, which are not Federally registered,
weapons which fall under NFA guidelines -- such as machine guns, "sawed-off"
rifles and shotguns, and destructive devices -- are registered by ATF.
These firearms also are subject to a transfer tax of $200 per weapon.
Because ATF classified these three shotgun models as destructive devices
retroactively, however, provisions were made for their owners to register
the weapons without payment of tax.

Applications to register these firearms must be post marked no later
than midnight, May 1, 2001. If an application to register one of those
firearms is not post marked by May 1, 2001, the firearms can never be
registered and will be considered contraband after that date. Persons
in possession of any unregistered NFA firearm then will be in violation
of law and will be subject to all applicable penalties under 26 U.S.C.
Chapter 53. Penalties include forfeiture, as well as fines and/or imprisonment.

Copies of ATF Ruling 2001-1, as well as the proper forms to effect a
legal registration and transfer of destructive devices, are available
at no cost upon request from the National Firearms Act Branch, Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 650 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Washington,
DC 20226. The ruling may also be viewed at ATF's web site at http//
For more information, call (202) 927-8330.