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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

of Authenticity for Exported
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

National Revenue Center (NRC) wants to remind industry members of the procedures
for preparing ATF Form 5110.42, Certificate of Authenticity - Bourbon Whiskey.

for the preparation of Form 5110.42 were previously issued under ATF Procedure
88-1, which can be found at:
The contents of that Procedure are still in effect with the minor changes described

  • Any reference to filing Form 5110.42 with ATF is now changed to read the Alcohol
    and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

  • Proprietors must submit all Certificates of Authenticity for approval to the National
    Revenue Center, 8002 Federal Office Building, 550 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The
    NRC will also process Forms 5110.42 for shipments to Japan and other countries.
    If additional copies of Form 5100.31, Application for Certification/Exemption
    of Label/Bottle Approval, are needed to accompany these types of shipments, an
    original and a photocopy of Form 5100.31 should be submitted for certification
    to the International Trade Division, 650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Room 5200,
    Washington D.C. 20226.

  • The NRC will only utilize Federal Express for overnight delivery of approved Forms
    5110.42 and will not be responsible for any fees incurred for this service. If
    you want delivery by this means, you should submit a Federal Express Air bill,
    complete with your Federal Express Account Number, to the NRC along with your
    Forms 5110.42. Otherwise, we will return approved Certificates via First Class

needing additional information should contact the National Revenue Center Distilled
Spirits Unit A at 1-800-398-2282 (513-684-7150) or e-mail us at