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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

FY 05-01

Contacts: Sheree L. Mixell/Andrew L. Lluberes


For Immediate Release

November 19, 2004




WASHINGTON – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director Carl J. Truscott announced today the selection of veteran Special Agent W. Larry Ford as assistant director for the Office of Public and Governmental Affairs.

Ford, 43, will lead the office that directs ATF’s media, legislative and public affairs and is responsible for the bureau’s external, internal and intergovernmental communications.

“Larry Ford brings 21 years of experience and knowledge of ATF’s work, gained in a series of positions in Washington and the field, to this critically important position,” Truscott said. “ATF considers excellent communications and relations with the public, Congress, media and its employees as essential to our mission.”

Ford, who became a special agent in 1983, has served as deputy assistant director (Central) in the Office of Field Operations since April. In that capacity, he had oversight of law enforcement operations in eight of ATF’s 23 field divisions and served as one of the four principal advisers to the assistant director of field operations.

From August 2000 until he came to headquarters, Ford was the special agent in charge of the Chicago Field Division, directing law enforcement and regulatory missions in Illinois relating to firearms, explosives, alcohol, arson and tobacco.

His previous tour of duty in Washington was as assistant special agent in charge of the Washington Field Division. During his career with ATF, Ford has also served as special assistant to the Under Secretary of the Treasury (Enforcement), program manager in the Office of Legislative Affairs, special agent in charge of the Asset Forfeiture and Seized Property Branch and as a group supervisor in the Detroit Field Division.

Ford, a native of Detroit and career member of the Senior Executive Service, received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Toledo.