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Individuals Involved In The Fight In The War On
Terror Receive Top Awards


WASHINGTON, D.C.-- More than 190 Justice Department employees--along with
17 other individuals, many of whom are federal employees and law enforcement
officers--were honored today at the Department’s 53rd Annual Awards
Ceremony at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales presented the Department’s
highest award, The Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service,
to two outstanding teams for their efforts to combat terrorism. Fourteen
investigators and prosecutors were awarded for their the successful prosecution
of Ahmed Abdel Sattar for his role in an international conspiracy to kill,
and of Mohammed Yousry and attorney Lynne Stewart for their provision
of material support and resources to that conspiracy. The team’s
sacrifice, dedication, and investigative and trial skills resulted in
convictions of these defendants for their acts of international terrorism.

"Today we honor our best and brightest, our most talented and our
most dedicated," said Attorney General Gonzales. "The men and
women we recognize today have shown courage, quiet heroism, and a determination
to see justice for all. We are grateful for their service, their extraordinary
work, and their sacrifices, which have done so much to keep their fellow
Americans safe."

The recipients of the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional
from this team include:

From the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New
York– Andrew S. Dember, Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney;
Robin L. Baker and Anthony S. Barkow, Assistant U.S. Attorneys;
Christopher J. Morvillo, former Assistant U.S. Attorney; Elizabeth
and Lillie A. Grant, Paralegal Specialists; from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Division– Richard Kelly,
former Assistant Special Agent in Charge; Scott L. Kerns, Steven
E. Sorrells
, Phillip A. Swabsin, and Kimberley A. Whittle,
Special Agents; Nabila Banout and Victoria Benjamin, Language
Specialists; and from the New York City Police Department– Louis
A. Napoli
, Detective.

Attorney General Gonzales also presented an Exceptional Service Award
to a team of individuals who worked tirelessly to protect the U.S. and
its allies from terrorism by successfully identifying several individuals
in the U.S. and abroad who posed genuine threats to the safety of our
homeland. The arrest and suggested interviews of the primary suspect were
vital to disrupting a network of extremists spanning many countries.

The recipients of the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional
Service from this team include:

From the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Division–
Kaiser Gill and Sean P. Clark, Special Agents; Counterterrorism
Division– Adam S. Cohen, James F. Farley, and Dennis
M. Wagner, Jr.
, Supervisory Special Agents; Brett A. Graham,
Mollie M. Loeffler, Debra A. Manchas, Debra S. Bennett,
Monique C. Anderson, and Brandon Beach, Intelligence Analysts;
Dallas Field Division– Sean Joyce, Supervisory Special Agent;
Houston Division– Albert Joseph Holl, Supervisory Special
Agent; London Office– Joseph Hummel, Supervisory Special Agent.

The Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Heroism recognizes
an extraordinary act of courage and voluntary risk of life during the
performance of official duties. While assigned to the U.S. Embassy in
Afghanistan, Jeffery J. Higgins, an Assistant Country Attache at
the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan, and Timothy Sellers, a Supervisory
Criminal Investigator from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s
El Paso Field Office, arrested an Afghan terrorist who manufactured improvised
explosive devices for the Taliban and Hizb-I Islam Gulbiddion terrorist
organizations. The recipients acted without hesitation or reservation
to arrest the terrorist as he attempted to board a crowded bus while in
possession of explosive materials. The heroic actions and extraordinary
courage of the recipients saved the lives of numerous Afghan nationals.

The Mary C. Lawton Lifetime Service Award recognizes employees
who have served at least 20 years in the Department and who have demonstrated
high standards of excellence and dedication throughout their careers.
Mildred L. Seidman was recognized for her 50 years of unparalleled
career accomplishments to the Department. As Chief of the Tax Division’s
Court of Federal Claims Section, she oversees the litigation of high-stakes,
high-dollar tax cases. Through her passion for the law and her courage
to pursue the government’s just interests, Ms. Seidman has made significant
contributions to the Department.

The Attorney General also awarded the William French Smith Award
for Outstanding Contributions to Cooperative Law Enforcement
, an honorary
award granted to recognize state and local law enforcement officials who
have made significant contributions to cooperative law enforcement endeavors.
Investigator Scott R. Deming, Lieutenant Thomas P. Janus,
Officer John Brennan, Sergeant Thomas A. Janssen, and all
of the Rochester Police Department in Rochester, New York, were
honored for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the interagency
investigation and prosecution of organized violent crime and drug trafficking.
As members of the Greater Rochester Violent Crime Team, the recipients
identified and targeted persistently violent offenders in the Rochester
area for federal prosecution for the possession and use of firearms and
controlled substances.

Matthew Dixon, an 11 year-old from Sweet Home, Oregon, was presented
with the Attorney General’s Award for Meritorious Public Service,
the top public service award granted by the Department of Justice. Matthew
encountered a man and a young boy while hunting. He took a mental note
of the man’s description and of the license plate on the car the
man was driving. Upon hearing that a young boy in the area had been abducted,
Matthew informed his mother of his observation, who in turn notified local
enforcement authorities. His awareness and clear thinking helped Linn
County Sheriff deputies to locate the abductor and rescue the missing

The Department’s second highest award for employee performance
is the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service.
Ten Distinguished Service Awards were presented this year.

Twelve individuals received the Award for Distinguished Service for
their accomplishments in Operation Baja Kings. This investigation included
eight spin-off investigations; 66 federal indictments; and seizure of
148 pounds of crystal ice methamphetamine, 865 kilograms of cocaine, 5,500
pounds marijuana, and $9.5 million in cash. This operation not only opened
the doors for future cooperation with Mexican authorities, but also exhibited
to the criminal elements that there is no safe haven that truly protects
them from their illegal activities. Members of this team are: from the
El Paso Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation-- Laurencio
C. Brito
, Supervisory Special Agent; Monica S. Abrell, Matthew
, James T. Bohn, James K. Christiansen, Julio
C. Cordero
, Enrique J. Olivas, and C. Jay Rhoden, Special
Agents; from the Mexico Resident Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation–
Daniel J. Sacchini, Supervisory Special Agent; from the Drug Enforcement
Administration, Mexico—Central America Division, Ciudad Juarez Resident
Office– John L. Roberts, Resident Agent in Charge; from the
Drug Enforcement Administration, El Paso Division– Stacy D. Zinn;
and from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department– Detective
Marcela Gil.

A Distinguished Service Award was also given to various trial teams
that defended simultaneous challenges to the constitutionality of the
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The trial teams handled and coordinated
three bench trials under a compressed schedule of 120 days. The following
individuals received the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service
for their untiring effort: from the Civil Division, Federal
Programs Branch– Anthony J. Coppolino, Special Litigation
Counsel; Terry M. Henry and W. Scott Simpson, Senior Trial
Counsel; Kaija C. Wadsworth, Preeya M Noronha, Andrew
I. Warden
, Peter J. Phipps, and James A. Gilligan, Trial
Attorneys; from the Civil Division, Appellate Staff– Marleigh
D. Dover
, Assistant Branch Director; Teal Luthy Miller and
Catherine Y. Hancock, Attorneys; from the U.S. Attorney’s
Office for the District of Massachusetts– Mark T. Quinlivan,
Assistant U.S. Attorney; from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the
Southern District of New York– Sheila M. Gowan, Senior Litigation
Counsel; and Sean H. Lane, Elizabeth Wolstein, and Joseph
A. Pantoja
, Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

Additional recipients of this award were recognized for their exceptional
leadership, dedication, and service to the United States in responding
to the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Blakely v. Washington.
This team was also honored for their work in developing a legal strategy
and advocating the government’s position supporting the viability
of the federal sentencing system in the extraordinarily expedited and
complex litigation that ultimately resulted in the Supreme Court’s
decision in United States v. Booker. Members of this team include:
from the Office of the Solicitor General– Michael R. Dreeben,
Deputy Solicitor General; Lisa S. Blatt, John P. Elwood,
James A. Feldman, and Dan Himmelfarb, Assistants to the
Solicitor General; from the Criminal Division, Appellate Section–
Nina S. Goodman, Demetra D. Lambros, Stephan E.Oestreicher,
, Steven L. Lane, Joseph C. Wyderko, Michael A.
, and Elizabeth A. Olson, Trial Attorneys; Patty M.
, Chief; and Kathleen A. Felton, Deputy Chief.

Richard A. Hertling, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
from the Office of Legal Policy, received a Distinguished Service Award
for his leadership in the areas of firearms and explosives, sentencing
policy, and the President’s DNA Initiative. His expertise, judgment,
and skill have had a profound impact on the policies and legislative agendas
of the Department.

A team of trial attorneys and economists received a Distinguished
Service Award
for its effort towards the Department’s antitrust
challenge of Microsoft. The Microsoft team’s adherence to principles
of both sound competition policy and vigorous law enforcement throughout
the more than 10 years of work on the case has set the standard for antitrust
enforcement in the United States. The following individuals from the Antitrust
Division were recognized for their significant dedication and effort:
from the Office of the Assistant Attorney General– Kenneth Heyer,
Economic Director of Enforcement; James J. O’Connell, Jr.,
Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General; from the Networks and Technology
Enforcement Section– Renata B. Hesse, Chief; Patricia A.
, Jessica N. Butler-Arkow, Joan Farragher, Kenneth
W. Gaul
, Philip A. Giordano, Aaron D. Hoag, N. Scott
, and Adam T. Severt, Trial Attorneys; Jeffrey J. VanHooreweghe,
former Trial Attorney; from the Economic Analysis Group, Economic Regulatory
Section– George A. Rozanski, former Chief; Wayne R. Dunham,
Suzanne E. Majewski, Jeffrey M. Wilder, and Dean V. Williamson,
Economists; Economic Litigation Section– Gregory J. Werden,
Senior Economic Counsel; Competition Policy Section– Diane S.
, Economist; from the Appellate Section– Catherine G.
, Chief; Robert B. Nicholson, Assistant Chief;
Adam D. Hirsh, Andrea Limmer, Steven J. Mintz, and
David Seidman, Trial Attorneys; from the San Francisco Field Office–
Barbara J. Nelson, Trial Attorney; and from the Office of the Solicitor
General-- Jeffrey P. Minear, Assistant to the Solicitor General.

Gordon L. Holdiman, a former Special Agent with the Federal
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
, Kansas City
Field Division, received the Distinguished Service Award for his
contributions towards ensuring a safer and more secure America. His work
has yielded invaluable intelligence information into the inner workings,
criminal activities, past history, and hierarchy of criminal gangs of
the St. Louis region. Special Agent Holdiman participated in the investigation
that led to the prosecution of a convicted felon who escaped from prison
and was at large for three years. In a recent investigation, his efforts
foiled a young woman’s vengeful conspiracy to kill a police officer.

Also receiving the Distinguished Service Award was Craig S.
, First Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of
Ohio. In making a difficult recommendation regarding one of the first
terrorism cases to be tried following September 11, 2001, Mr. Morford
remained focused on his mission and adhered to the highest principles
of federal prosecution by seeking equal justice under the law. In addition,
Mr. Morford has demonstrated a keen sense of management acumen as well
as prosecutorial prowess in his duties as a U.S. Attorney for the Eastern
District of Michigan.

The Motiva trial team was honored for efforts on a prosecution that
served as the building block for worker safety. Motiva, an oil refining
and retail business operation owned by Shell Oil Company and Saudi Refining,
Inc., was found guilty of negligent endangerment under the Clean Air Act
for the explosion and rupture of an acid tank at a Delaware refinery that
killed one worker and injured several others. The $10 million fine imposed
as a result of Motiva was the highest ever imposed in Delaware for an
environmental crime. The recipients from the Motiva trial team include:
from the Environment and Natural Resources Division, Environmental Crimes
Section– W. Bruce Pasfield and Andrew D. Goldsmith,
Assistant Section Chiefs; Mark W. Kotila, Senior Trial Attorney;
and Erin H. Christensen, Trial Attorney; and from the U.S. Attorney’s
Office for the District of Delaware-- Edmond Falgowski, Assistant
U.S. Attorney.

For his outstanding leadership of the Police and Corrections Assistance
Program in Iraq, R. Carr Trevillian, IV was also honored with the
Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award. As Deputy
Director of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance
Program, Mr. Trevillian led several hundred U.S. police and corrections
personnel in the development of the Iraqi Police Service and Iraqi Corrections
Service and in the training of tens of thousands of Iraqi police and corrections

The Attorney General also presented the Distinguished Service award
to a team of agents and analysts for its work in addressing the unique
threats posed to the United States during 2004, including but not limited
to threats relating to the Presidential primaries, party conventions,
the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, and the November elections. Recognized
team members included: from the Criminal Division, Counterterrorism Section–
Steven A. Tyrrell, Deputy Chief; Joseph N. Kaster, Trial
Attorney; from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, International Terrorism
Operations Section– David N. Beall and James W. Stewart,
Supervisory Special Agents; Lewis A. Robinson and J. Roger Morrison,
Unit Chiefs; James W. McJunkin, Assistant Section Chief; Counterterrorism
Division--John P. Salata, Supervisory Intelligence Analyst; Rhonda
Dee Lewis
, Supervisory Program Analyst; and from the U.S. Department
of Homeland Security– Samuel T. Roudebush, Liaison to the
2004 Threat Task Force.

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement,
which recognizes outstanding professional achievements by law enforcement
officers, was presented to two teams of individuals this year. Enforcement
officials involved in the investigation and prosecution of the 1-5 Mob
were honored for their contributions. The 1-5 Mob, a violent drug trafficking
organization located in the District of Columbia, was responsible for
over 25 murders and numerous other acts of violence. Members of the investigation
and prosecution team are Special Agents Daniel C. Sparks, James
M. Burton
, Kyle Fulmer, and Robert C. Lockhart, all
from the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
and Detectives Konstantinos S. Giannakoulias and Thomas R. Webb,
and Officers Arthur Reed, Jr., Joseph W. Anderson, and Joseph
R. Cabillo
, from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department.

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement
was also presented to Special Agent Jason P. Wick and Forensic
Auditor Michael P. Hanley, both of the Philadelphia Field Division
of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives,
for their identification and pursuit of a group of public servants who
used their position to commit nearly 50 arson fires in the community in
which they worked.

Four Attorney General’s Awards for Excellence in Management
were presented this year, recognizing outstanding administrative and managerial
achievements that have improved operations, enhanced productivity, or
reduced costs.

Warden Jose Barron, Jr. of the Federal Correctional Institution
in Marianna, Florida, Warden Donald F. Bauknecht of the Federal
Prison Camp in Eglin, Florida, and Executive Assistant Mary M. Mitchell
of the Southeast Regional Office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons were
recognized for their coordinated efforts in the evacuation of approximately
5,000 inmates after a series of hurricanes seriously damaged three federal
correctional facilities in Florida.

Sean C. Cenawood, Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District
of New York, received an Excellence in Management Award for his
leadership and tireless work in the growing field of immigration litigation.
David M. McConnell, Deputy Director in the Office of Immigration
Litigation, was also honored for his exceptional management and productive
initiatives in this critically important field. A fourth recipient of
the Excellence in Management Award was Catherine M. O’Neil,
Associate Deputy Attorney General and Director of the Organized Crime
Drug Enforcement Task Force. With Ms. O’Neil’s strategic vision,
the Task Force has impacted significant drug trafficking organizations
in the United States.

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Information Technology
recognizes achievements in applying information technology to improve
operations and productivity, reduce or avoid costs, and solve problems.

For their application of information technology to improve the investigation
and prosecution of child exploitation and obscenity offenses, the Excellence
in Information Technology Award
was presented to James M. Fottrell,
Assistant to the Chief of Computer Forensics and Investigations, and Lam
D. Nguyen
, Lead Information Technology Specialist, both from the Child
Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the Criminal Division.

J. Patrick McCreary, Associate Deputy Director of the Bureau
of Justice Assistance, also received the Excellence in Information
Technology Award
. Mr. McCreary’s contributions led to the development
and implementation of a groundbreaking tool that allows for seamless information-sharing
by law enforcement agencies.

The Excellence in Information Technology Award was also presented
to contributors to the Arizona Sentence to Commitment Pilot Project. This
project has dramatically reduced the time between sentencing and facility
designation. Members of this team include: from the U.S. Marshals Service,
District of Arizona-- Enrique Perez, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal;
from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Correctional Programs Division–
Paul M. Laird, Senior Deputy Assistant Director; from the Justice
Management Division, Office of the Chief Information Officer– Ashok
K. Sharma
, Assistant Director; from the Administrative Office of the
U.S. Courts, District of Arizona– David F. Musel, Deputy Federal
Detention Trustee, Office of the Federal Detention Trustee; and David
C. Jones
, Assistant Deputy Chief Probation Officer, U.S. Probation

Margaret A. Skelly-Nolen, Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Operations,
Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, received the Attorney General’s
Award for Excellence in Furthering the Interests of U.S. National Security
This award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions towards
protecting U.S. national security. Ms. Skelly-Nolen is recognized for
her outstanding accomplishments as supervisor of the International Terrorism
Operations Section 1 Task Force. The task force, formed at the direction
of the Attorney General, is charged with reducing the backlog of pending
applications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act–a task
that was completed in January 2005.

The Attorney General’s Award for Equal Employment Opportunity
was presented to John D. Butler, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, Western
District of Texas. This is the Department’s highest award for performance
in support of the Equal Employment Opportunity program. Mr. Butler was
recognized for his ongoing recruiting and training of women and minorities
through his support of the U.S. Marshals Service’s Centralized Student
Career Experience Program.

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Legal Support
recognizes contributions in the field of legal support to attorneys by
paralegal specialists and other legal assistants. Laurie H. Davis,
a Paralegal Specialist in the Office of the U.S. Trustee, Region 1, was
recognized for her work in identifying and investigating fraudulent and
abusive filings in Chapter 7 bankruptcies. A team of paralegal specialists
from the Appellate Section of the Civil Rights Division was given this
award for its contributions to the filing of timely and accurate briefs
in the Office of Immigration Litigation. Recipients from this team include:
Gloria L. Dabbondanza and Sarah Silbovitz, Paralegal Specialists;
Jonathan D. Janow and Noah L. Browne, former Paralegal Specialists;
and Brandy L. Wagstaff, Supervisor. Supervisory Legal Assistant
Sandra K. Dotson also received the Excellence in Legal Support
for her implementation of a training program for the U.S. Attorney’s
Office in the Southern District of Florida.

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Administrative
was presented to four individuals. In the Administrative Category,
Michelle M. Judd, a Space Management Specialist from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation’s Administrative Services Division, was honored
for her support and guidance to field office personnel through space acquisitions,
expansions, and renovations. Vyleen E. Yoder, a Management and
Program Analyst from the U.S. Marshals Service’s Witness Security
and Prisoner Operations Division, received the award for her management
of the Notification Initiative, an effort that enabled officials to administer
the Witness Security Program in a discrete and viable fashion.

In the Secretarial Category, Rosita A. Baccus, a Legal Administrative
Specialist in the Environmental Enforcement Section of the Environmental
and Natural Resources Division, was recognized for her administrative
support. Kyle A. Johnston was also recognized for her professional
and responsive administrative support. Ms. Johnston is an Administrative
Officer from the North Central Regional Office of the Federal Bureau of

The John Marshall Awards are the Department’s highest awards
presented to attorneys for contributions and excellence in legal performance.
Fourteen awards in nine categories were presented this year.

Paige M. Fitzgerald and Karima G. Maloney, Trial Attorneys
from the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division received the John
Marshall Award for Trial of Litigation
. The two attorneys used their
investigative and litigation skills to resurrect the prosecution of a
Jackson police officer acquitted in state court for raping a young African-American
girl after a traffic stop, a horrific action which had left the young
victim and the community feeling betrayed by the legal system. The prosecution
of Maceo Simmons represents the ideal exercise of the Department’s
“backstop” function, delivering justice when a state prosecution
left serious federal interests unvindicated.

Kelly A. Moore, Pamela K. Chen, and Jeffrey H. Knox,
Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the Eastern District of New York, also received
the John Marshall Award for Trial of Litigation. The team was honored
for its prosecution and conviction of Mohammed Al-Moayad and Mohammed
Zayed for material support of al-Qaeda and Hamas. Al-Moayad received a
sentence of 75 years and Zayed faces a sentence of 45 years. Through the
team’s effort, a major source of terrorist funding and support was

The John Marshall Award for Participation in Litigation was presented
to James N. Barkeley and Thomas C. Bradley, Assistant U.S.
Attorneys for the District of Alaska, and Kim R. Lindquist, Assistant
U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho. The team is recognized for its
prosecution of the largest Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
investigation in Alaska history, United States v. Vicente Zapata, et
, a multi-agency, multi-district investigation that disrupted and
ultimately dismantled an international criminal network originating in
the Dominican Republic and extending through New York, Los Angeles, the
Midwest, Mexico, and Alaska.

Also receiving the John Marshall Award for Participation in Litigation
was a combined team of state and federal prosecutors whose efforts resulted
in the guilty pleas of eight individuals in this multi-million dollar
racketeering, obscenity, fraud, and tax evasion scheme. The team of individuals
who were awarded for their work in United States v. Coil, et al.
include: from the Criminal Division, Child Exploitation and Obscentity
Section– Andrew G. Oosterbaan, Chief; Benjamin J. Vernia,
former Trial Attorney; from the Criminal Division, Office of the Assistant
Attorney General– Bruce A. Taylor, Senior Counsel to the Assistant
Attorney General; and from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western
District of Texas– Mark H. Marshall, Assistant U.S. Attorney.

There were two recipients of the John Marshall Award for Support
of Litigation
. Edgar N. Brown, Chief of the Witness Immunity
Unit in the Office of Enforcement Operations, Criminal Division, was honored
for his efforts to ensure that the litigation-support functions under
his supervision are handled with care and speed. Western District of New
York Assistant U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. was recognized
for his substantial efforts in the investigation and dismantling of a
business involved in the internet sales of GBL—a “date rape”

Jeffrey A. Clair, Appellate Staff Attorney, Civil Division, was
one of two individuals presented with the John Marshall Award for the
Handling of Appeals
. Mr. Clair was honored for his many litigation
successes, including numerous victories that have conferred significant
benefits on the government and made major contributions to the development
of public law while advancing the goals of the Executive Branch. For his
participation in the training of attorneys and law enforcement officers
and by constantly being available to advise trial attorneys, Assistant
U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Roy W. McLeese III,
also received the John Marshall Award. Mr. McLeese represents the United
States in the trial courts and appellate courts in the District of Columbia.

The John Marshall Award for Providing Legal Advice was awarded
to Jon D. Pifer, Assistant General Counsel, and Thomas Gregory
, Associate General Counsel, both from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation’s Office of General Counsel. The two lawyers were recognized
for the key role they have played in revitalizing the Department’s
advocacy under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.

For his work in the initial drafting of many of the provisions of the
USA Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
of 2004, and for his Compendium of Measures of Interest to Federal Terrorism
Prosecutors from the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
of 2004, Stephen M. Weglian, Senior Attorney, Counterterrorism
Section of the Criminal Division, was presented with the John Marshall
Award for Preparation and Handling of Legislation

Two teams were awarded the John Marshall Award for Asset Forfeiture.
The Asset Forfeiture Unit from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the
Eastern District of New York was recognized for its extraordinary performance
and dedication in seizing, restraining, and forfeiting more than $170
million in criminal proceeds since it was established by the U.S. Attorney
in 2003. Honored team members included: from the Eastern District of New
York– Elaine D. Banar, Claire S. Kedeshian, Richard
T. Lunger
, and Kathleen A. Nandan, Assistant U.S. Attorneys;
Tracey J. Knuckles, former Assistant U.S. Attorney; and from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Division--Douglas A. Leff,
Special Assistant U.S. Attorney and Special Agent.

A team of Assistant U.S. Attorneys from the Southern District of New
York was awarded the John Marshall Award for Asset Forfeiture for
its role in the investigation and prosecution of Operation White Dollar,
a landmark, two-year undercover money laundering and asset forfeiture
proceeding on the Colombian Black Market Peso Exchange system. The team
is comprised of Assistant U.S. Attorneys Boyd M. Johnson III and
Kevin R. Puvalowski, and former Assistant U.S. Attorney David
J. Berardinelli

The John Marshall Award for Alternative Dispute Resolution honored
a team for its use of mediation in successfully prosecuting and resolving
complex insurance litigation involving catastrophic loss to the U.S. Navy
Exchange at Subic Bay. From the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern
District of New York, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Richard E. Rosberger,
Robert W. Sadowski, and Kathleen A. Zebrowski helped to
recover $7.85 million in funds vital to the support of the morale and
the welfare of our sailors and their families at home and abroad.

Robert E. Moyer and David Jan van Hoogstraten received
the John Marshall Award for Interagency Cooperation in Support of Litigation.
Mr. Moyer, an Attorney-Advisor in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s
Office of General Counsel, and Mr. Van Hoogstraten, the former Associate
Director for International Negotiations in the Executive Office of the
President’s Council on Environmental Quality, were honored for their
successful resolution of challenging litigation that raised significant
environmental and international issues.

The Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Service in Freedom
of Information Act Administration
recognizes exceptional dedication
and effort to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. This
year’s recipient was Brian C. Kenrick, Staff Attorney, Disclosure
and Forfeiture Legal Division, Office of Chief Counsel, Federal Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
. Mr. Kenrick’s
acumen, enthusiasm, dedication, initiative, flexibility, and common sense
enabled him to have a demonstrable and positive impact on the administration
of the Freedom of Information Act within the Federal Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Martha R. Hildebrandt, Acting Assistant U.S. Trustee, Office
of the U.S. Trustee, Region 3 Newark, New Jersey, received the Attorney
General’s Award for Fraud Prevention
. This award, which recognizes
an individual’s exceptional dedication and effort to prevent, investigate,
and prosecute fraud and white collar crimes, was presented to Ms. Hildebrandt
for her guidance and energy that focused on the referral of credit card
cases, as well as other fraud prosecutions. Thirty-one convictions led
to custodial sentences and restitution orders projected at $16.3 million.

The Attorney General’s Outstanding Contributions to Community
Partnerships for Public Safety Award
honors outstanding achievement
in the development and support of community partnerships designed to address
public safety within a community. The award winners were recognized for
developing, organizing, and implementing Violent Crime Impact Teams in
areas densely populated with gang members, armed narcotics traffickers,
convicted felons, and fugitives. With Violent Crime Impact Teams, local,
state, and federal law enforcement agents band together by sharing technology
and committing personnel and resources in the most threatening and dangerous
areas of our cities. The following individuals were recognized for their
role in this initiative: from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms, and Explosives
, Office of Field Operations– Scot
L. Thomasson
, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Seattle Field Division;
Eric D. Harden, Operations Officer, Los Angeles Field Division;
Anthony E. Rather, Special Agent, Baltimore Field Division; and
Mark E. Kraft, Program Manager, Field Management Staff; from the
Office of Enforcement Programs and Services, Firearms Protection Division–
David H. Chipman, Branch Chief; Hans C. Hummel, Program
Analyst; and from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General– Robert
E. Trono
, Senior Counsel.

The Cubby Dorsey Award for Outstanding Service by a Federal Wage
Grade System Employee
recognizes extraordinary performance and contributions
by wage grade system employees, including laborers, mechanics, and skilled
craft workers. Mark W. Wendt, Pipefitter Foreman, Federal Medical
Center, Butner, North Carolina, Federal Bureau of Prisons, was given this
award for his resolution of an issue which has plagued correctional staff
throughout the Federal Bureau of Prisons for decades. He created a device
that enables prison staff members to secure an inmate’s food tray
in a compartment before becoming exposed to the inmate when opening the
slot door. This eliminates any possibility of assaultive behavior directed
at the staff member.

This year there were four recipients of the Attorney General’s
Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Employee
. This award
recognizes notable accomplishments towards the Department’s mission
by an employee with fewer than five years of federal career service.

Bradley T. Gilmore and Erin A. Lane, Program Analysts
in the Evaluation and Inspections Division, Office of the Inspector General,
were honored for their efforts in guiding the Department’s law enforcement
components toward a better and more uniform approach to reporting, investigating,
and reviewing shooting incidents involving Special Agents and Deputy Marshals.

David M. Mackey, Special Agent, Minneapolis Division, Federal
Bureau of Investigation, received the award for his efforts in obtaining
a confession in an arson and homicide case. Mr. Mackey’s compassion
for people, his dedication to duty, and his sensitivity to the victims
of crime have made a difference in central South Dakota.

Also receiving the Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding
Contributions by a New Employee
was Marnie Rothschild Shiels.
As an Attorney Advisor in the Office on Violence Against Women, Ms. Shiels’
leadership was instrumental to the development of the National Sexual
Assault Forensic Exam Protocol. The protocol will improve the collection
of evidence in sexual assault cases leading to increased prosecutions,
while ensuring that victims are treated with respect and compassion. Ms.
Shiels dedicated countless hours and effort to ensure the flawless execution
of each task in the protocol development.