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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


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June 20, 2006



WASHINGTON—Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty and ATF Director Carl J. Truscott recognized the accomplishment of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives employees, and federal, state and local law enforcement at the 10th Annual ATF Awards Ceremony held today.

“Combating the threat of gangs is one of the Attorney General’s top priorities,” said McNulty. “On behalf of the Department, I thank the men and women of ATF for working to keep our streets safe from armed gang members. And a special thank you to those in the ATF family who have responded to the call of duty with dedication of service and commitment to their profession.”

“Over the past year, some of America’s most violent cities have continued to see the positive impact resulting from the tireless efforts of ATF’s Violent Crime Impact Teams, an important part of the president’s Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative,” Director Truscott said. “Through these focused enforcement strategies, ATF–related firearms investigations resulted in more than 8,300 convictions in fiscal year 2005. This is remarkable, not just for this Bureau, but for the citizens of our neighborhoods.”

This year 169 recipients were recognized for their achievements in 11 categories: Medal of Valor, Hostile Action, Distinguished Service, Director’s Award, Honor Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Citizenship, James E. Little “Concern of People” Award, Johnny A. Masengale Memorial Award, Foreign Service Medal and five Employee of the Year Award categories.

The honors included:

  • The Foreign Service Medal recognized 103 employees who provided invaluable assistance in training members of the Iraqi Police Service in the areas of explosives detection and assisted the Regime Crimes Liaison Office.
  • Six special agents received the Distinguished Service Medal for their work during the Bowling Green, Ky., standoff where the suspect fired more than 250 rounds at ATF agents and police. It took three days of intensive negotiation to bring the suspect out safely.

  • The Director’s Award was presented to two retired bomb squad members of the Yolo County Bomb Squad West Sacramento, Calif. Police Department; and Glendale, Ariz. Police Department. Six Assistant U.S. Attorneys of the prosecution team in the Eric Rudolph case also received the honor.
  • The Citizenship Award was given to two private citizens who supplied key pieces of evidence and testimony in the Eric Rudolph case.

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