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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


Contact: Sheree L. Mixell


For Immediate Release

            August 4, 2006


Director Truscott Expresses Gratitude for Opportunity to Serve

Letter to Attorney General Cites Important Contributions Made by ATF Employees

            WASHINGTON – Carl J. Truscott – the first Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) since its move to the Department of Justice and the sixth in the Bureau’s history – announced today that he has decided to pursue other challenges and opportunities.

            In a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Director Truscott thanked the Attorney General for the opportunity to serve the American public and for the Department’s leadership that has embraced ATF in its transition into the Justice family. Truscott also highlighted some of the many significant accomplishments made by the men and women of ATF since the transition to the Justice Department, among them the reduction of violent crime and important contributions to the Department’s highest priority – the prevention of terrorism.

            Truscott was appointed by Attorney General John Ashcroft to serve as Director of ATF in April 2004, bringing to the Bureau more than 24 years of Federal and State law enforcement experience.

            A copy of Director Truscott’s letter to the Attorney General is attached.