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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

May 29, 2008

Prepared Remarks by Acting Director Michael J. Sullivan at the ATF Headquarters Building Dedication

A warm welcome to all of our guests who are here to help us celebrate this special day.

In addition to those of you here on the dais – Congresswoman Norton, Mayor Fenty, and Attorney General Mukasey, I would also like to recognize the Deputy Attorney General, Mark Filip, a former colleague at DOJ, now with Homeland Security, Uttam Dhillon, and the architect of this extraordinary building, Moshe Safdie.

Several former ATF Directors are here to help us dedicate this new HQ - John Magaw, Brad Buckles and Carl Truscott.

I particularly want to recognize my counterparts from our sister Federal agencies -

Michelle Leonhart, Acting Director of the DEA; John Pistole, Deputy Director of the FBI; John Manfreda, Administrator of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau; Dana Brown, Federal Air Marshals; Gary Schenkel, Federal Protective Service; James Fries, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; Brigadier General Johnson, Army Criminal Investigation Division; Larry Parkinson, Department of Interior; Ambassador Starr, State Department; and Chief Swope, Supreme Court Police. And I extend a warm welcome to the representatives of other law enforcement agencies -

Chief High, Prince George’s County PD; Chief Holl, Reagan National Airport Police; Chief Lauro, U.S. Park Police; Chief Scott, Arlington PD; and Colonel Sheridan, Maryland State Police.

Finally, a special welcome for Congressmen Don Young of Alaska, Bobby Scott of Virginia and Henry Cueller from Texas. Thank you for coming. And welcome to those congressional staff members who are representing other elected officials on Capitol Hill. Without your support, we would not be here today.

On behalf of all of the men and women of ATF, I welcome you to our beautiful new home.

I can’t tell you how proud I am that ATF has been given the opportunity — and the challenge — of being the ‘Anchor Resident’ in this key revitalization corridor and gateway to our Nation’s capital, where we will have a role in the rebirth of an historic neighborhood.

We are part of this new community of shops, restaurants, condominiums, offices, and hotels springing up around us, transforming this corner of the city into a vibrant, productive, exciting community. ATF is honored to be a part of this dynamic growth. Our neighborhood here in the “North of Massachusetts Avenue Redevelopment Area” — NoMa for short — is evolving, growing, and transforming itself even as we speak.

ATF is going through a similar transformation, so it is most appropriate that our Bureau has found its home here, in a place that is vibrant with change, a community that is blossoming with new growth and new potential, a neighborhood and an agency whose future looks brighter with each passing day.

It feels good to walk into this building. It feels good to know that the hundreds of ATF employees who arrive here every day have a good place to work… a place that is open and full of light; a place that honors our history and the memory of our fallen heroes; a place that encourages communication and collaboration and provides us with the technology and tools for the future.

This Headquarters is the product of John Magaw’s vision. He wanted a home for ATF that would be designed for our unique needs, one that would honor our past, support us in the present, and move us into the future. Many of you here today had a part in that vision and we thank you. ATF truly has a home!