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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

For Immediate Release

May 25, 2010

B. Todd Jones, United States Attorney

Contact: Jeanne F. Cooney

Director of Community Relations

(612) 664-5611


ATF Agent is Honored by U.S. Attorney for Dismantling Drug Trafficking Operations in Duluth

Since 2002, federal prosecutors in Minnesota have dismantled many Duluth-based drug and gun trafficking organizations by prosecuting more than 200 of their leaders and members. One reason for the success of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in these cases has been the extraordinary investigations conducted by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) in partnership with the Duluth Police Department and the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force. In particular, Special Agent Darin J. Nemerow of the ATF has demonstrated great dedication and determination while working with his law enforcement partners to take down criminal operations that threaten the quality of life in Northeastern Minnesota. In appreciation for his tireless efforts, U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones honored Agent Nemerow earlier today by awarding him with the tenth annual U.S. Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Recognition Award.

In recognizing ATF Special Agent Nemerow, U.S. Attorney Jones said, Special Agent Nemerow exemplifies the best in the professionalism and dedication of federal law enforcement agents. He works diligently along side his State and local law enforcement partners, always focusing on the mission of disrupting criminal drug, gun, and gang operations, never seeking individual accolades. His efforts have strengthened law enforcement in this state and have made Northeastern Minnesota safer for all.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Award is presented annually to a local, State, or federal law enforcement agent or officer who has performed outstandingly on federal cases. In addition, the recipient has exemplified the cooperative spirit Minnesotans have come to expect from local, State, and federal law enforcement.

At today’s ceremony, Special Agent in Charge of the ATF’s St. Paul Field Division, Bernard J. Zapor said of Nemerow, He stands at the head of a line that goes back 200 years. He represents the type of men and women who serve our nation every day. Darin is part of a heritage that always works to support state and local law enforcement; always works as a team; and always focuses on the most violent and threatening criminals. We are more than grateful for his commitment to excellence and for this recognition of it.

Because of the tenacious work of Nemerow and his multi-jurisdictional law enforcement partners in Northeastern Minnesota, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota indicted more than 150 violent criminals from that region between 2005 and 2008. As a result of one of those investigations, 26 people in a 28-defendant case involving the distribution of methamphetamine have now been sentenced. That criminal organization was responsible for selling between 30 and 50 pounds of methamphetamine in the Duluth area.

In a more recent case, 26 people were sentenced in federal court for distributing large amounts of cocaine and crack cocaine in and around Duluth during 2007. In addition, seven others were sentenced federally in connection to a separate drug distribution operation responsible for distributing between 40 and 60 kilograms of cocaine and crack cocaine in the Duluth area between 2008 and 2009. And just last week, Daniel Eugene Baity, age 33, of Duluth, was federally indicted following an investigation that determined he was a major supplier of methamphetamine in Duluth. Baity was charged with possessing with intent to distribute 213 grams of methamphetamine.

Upon hearing about today’s award ceremony, Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said, Special Agent Nemerow has been pivotal in developing our tremendous relationship with the ATF. His dedication and desire to build relationships with the Duluth Police Department has had an incredibly positive impact on our relationship with our federal law enforcement partners and has led to reduced crime. We are truly grateful for all he has done for us in Duluth.

Nemerow and his partners at the Duluth Police Department and the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force share the philosophy that, whenever possible, an entire criminal organization should be brought down at one time, instead of picking it apart person by person. They suggest that by handling investigations in that wholesale manner, criminal operations struggle more to re-establish themselves, and successful spin-off investigations are more likely to evolve during those redevelopment periods.

Nemerow joined ATF in 2003. Prior to that time, he worked with both the Federal Air Marshal Service and the U.S. Border Patrol. Nemerow earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science from Montclair State University in 1994. He also has obtained training in the investigation of armed violent offenders, career criminals, gun traffickers, and gangs, as well as arson and explosives.