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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Southern District of Ohio

For Immediate Release

February 9, 2012

Carter M. Stewart, United States Attorney

Contact: Fred Alverson
(317) 229-2409; Cell (317) 716-4250

Illegal Gun Dealer Sentenced to 82 Months in Prison

CINCINNATI — Errick Roscoe, 22, of Cincinnati was sentenced in United States District Court to 82 months in federal prison for illegally selling firearms and possessing crack cocaine.

Carter M. Stewart, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, and Robert Browning, Special Agent in Charge, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, announced the sentence imposed yesterday by Senior United States District Judge Sandra S. Beckwith.

Roscoe pleaded guilty on September 7, 2011 to one count of dealing in firearms without a license and one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine base in an amount exceeding 28 grams. Roscoe sold approximately 95.65 grams of cocaine base as well as six firearms to a confidential informant through several transactions spanning a 35–day period in April and May of 2011. Two of the weapons Roscoe sold were semi–automatic assault rifles. On one occasion, Roscoe provided a banana clip (large capacity magazine) to be used with the assault rifle. Many of weapons Roscoe sold were loaded with ammunition.

Firearms recovered during the investigation include:

      1. SKS model, 7.62 x 39 caliber, semi automatic rifle,
      2. Irwindale Arms Inc., model Backup, .380 caliber semi automatic firearm,
      3. Glock, Model 26, 9mm caliber semi–automatic pistol with eight rounds of ammunition
      4. Chinese manufactured SKS–type, semi–automatic rifle,
      5. Raven Arms, Model MP–25, .25 caliber, semi–automatic firearm, loaded with six rounds of ammunition
      6. P. Beretta, Model 1934 Brevet, 9 millimeter, semi–automatic firearm, loaded with two rounds of ammunition.

    A federal grand jury indicted Roscoe in August 2011 and ATF agents arrested him based on that indictment. Roscoe has been in custody since his arrest.

    This case was prosecuted under Project Safe Neighborhoods, an intense coordinated effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to target criminals from communities with persistent high levels of drug and gun crime and vigorously prosecute them in federal court. For more information on Project Safe Neighborhoods, visit

    Stewart commended the investigation by ATF agents and Cincinnati Branch Chief Anthony Springer, who prosecuted the case.