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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

District of Alaska

For Immediate Release

August 31, 2012

Karen L. Loeffler, United States Attorney

Contact: Erin White Bradley

Drug Trafficking Conspirator Receives 180-Month Sentence

Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced that David Terrell Tidwell was sentenced in federal court in Anchorage to 180 months in prison for his convictions of a drug trafficking conspiracy and possession of firearms and ammunition in furtherance of drug trafficking. Tidwell was one of five individuals from Grenada, Mississippi charged with drug trafficking offenses in Anchorage this year. Tidwell's co-defendant, Dolphus Griffin, received a sentence of 150 months earlier this summer for his participation in this drug trafficking conspiracy.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Ralph R. Beistline imposed the sentence on Tidwell, 32.

According to Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Erin White Bradley, who prosecuted the case, Tidwell, working with his co-defendant, Griffin, distributed over 284 grams of crack cocaine during the fall of last year. On December 15, 2011, law enforcement officers executed a search warrant of Tidwell's residence, where they recovered over $20,000 in cash, over 300 grams of cocaine, a Ruger 9mm pistol and a Ruger .40 caliber pistol. The cash and firearms will be forfeited to the United States.

In fashioning a sentence, the Court noted the serious nature of the conspiracy charge, along with a need to protect the community and to deter Tidwell and others from committing similar crimes. The Court also noted Tidwell's lengthy history involving drug trafficking, guns and violence. Judge Beistline also noted Tidwell's affiliation with the Gangster Disciples, a street gang formed in Chicago during the 1960's. According to testimony presented by the government at the sentencing hearing, the main purpose of the Gangster Disciples is to make money by selling illegal controlled substances.

Ms. Loeffler commends the ATF for the investigation leading to the successful prosecution of Tidwell and the other individuals in this case.

SAUSA Bradley is a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office who is funded by the Municipality of Anchorage for the purpose of prosecuting gang-related and violent crime cases.