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Fact Sheet - NIBIN National Correlation and Training Center (NNCTC)

April, 2019
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Fast Facts

  1. ATF’s NIBIN National Correlation and Training Center provides consistent, timely ballistics analysis and correlation services to federal, state and local law enforcement. 

  2. ATF’s NIBIN National Correlation and Training Center provides expert-level training in ballistic image acquisitions and correlation reviews to federal, state and local law enforcement.

ATF’s National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) National Correlation and Training Center (NNCTC) provides ballistics image correlation review services to more than 45 NIBIN sites, representing over 300 law enforcement agencies across the nation.  This accounts for roughly 30% of all ballistic image acquisitions in the U.S.  In most instances, the NNCTC is able to complete correlation review within 48 hours, allowing it to provide timely, actionable investigative leads to law enforcement partners.
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NIBIN is the only national network that allows for the capture and comparison of ballistic evidence.  Correlation review, the comparison of NIBIN entries to determine matches, must be conducted by highly trained technicians and is the most labor-intensive aspect of the NIBIN process.  By providing participating partners with centralized, expert correlation review, the NNCTC allows those partners to concentrate limited resources on other critical aspects of the NIBIN process, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the NIBIN system in providing critical violent gun crime leads to investigators.
As of February 2019, the NNCTC has conducted 127,917 correlation reviews, resulting in the generation of more than 33,000 investigative leads to law enforcement partners. These leads help solve homicides, attempted homicides, robberies, and other non-fatal shooting incidents.  
Moreover, since opening in April 2016, the NNCTC has provided specialized NIBIN training to 534 personnel from local and state law enforcement partner agencies.
As part of the fiscal year 2019 expansion, the NNCTC will train an additional 350 local, state and federal personnel on NIBIN processes and equipment, and ATF will expand the Center's capacity to provide correlation review by increasing the number of highly trained, full-time Correlation Review Specialists to 120. 

Current NIBIN Sites

Albuquerque PD (NM) Glendale PD (AZ) North Carolina SBI (NC)
Anchorage PD (AK) Glendale PD (CA) Peoria PD (IL)
Arlington PD (TX) Houston PD (TX) Phoenix PD (AZ)
BCA Laboratory (MN) Independence PD (MO) Portland PD (OR)
Chandler PD (AZ) Indian River PD (FL) Sacremento PD (CA)
Chattanooga PD (TN) Jackson PD (TN) Sacremento SO (CA)
Cincinnati PD (OH) Kansas BI (KS) San Antonio PD (TX)
Constra Costa SO (CA) Kansas City PD (MO) San Bernardino PD (CA)
Dallas PD (TX) Lexington-Fayette SO (KY) St. Paul PD (MN)
DC Metro PD (DC) Los Angeles PD (CA) Topeka PD (KS)
Detroit PD (MI) Louisville PD (KY) Tucson PD (AZ)
Elk Grove PD (CA) Madison County SO (AL) Wichita PD (KS)
Fort Myers PD (FL) Memphis PD (TN) Wilmington PD (DE)
Fort Worth PD (TX) Minneapolis PD (MN)  
Frederick Co (MD)
Nassau Co (NY)

Additional Resources

For more information on NIBIN, please visit the NIBIN section:
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