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ATF F 3310.4 Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers (ATF Form 3310.4) (341 KB)
This form documents certain sales or other dispositions of handguns for law enforcement purposes. The information is used to determine if the buyer (transferee) is involved in a unlawful activity.
ATF F 5400.5 Report of Theft/Loss - Explosives Materials (ATF Form 5400.5) (531 KB)
The purpose of this form is to report the theft or loss of explosive materials to the ATF.
ATF F 1370.2 Requisition for Firearms/Explosives Forms (ATF Form 1370.2) (95 KB)
This form is used to order additional firearms forms and/or explosives forms from the ATF Distribution Center.
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ATF F 1370.2 Requisition for Firearms/Explosives Forms (ATF Form 1370.2) (31 KB) Resource Center
ATF F 1370.3 Requisition for Forms or Publications - ATF Form 1370.3 (711 KB)
Requisition for Forms or Publications
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ATF F 5630.7 Special Tax Registration and Return National Firearms Act (NFA) (ATF Form 5630.7) (363 KB)

Federal Firearms Licensee’s (FFLs) who engage in Importing, Manufacturing or Dealing in NFA firearms are required to file this form and pay the special occupational tax. The tax is a annual tax that begins on July 1st and ends June 30th.

ATF F 6400.1 (E-Form) State and Local Training Registration Request (ATF F 6400-1) (373 KB)

Training Registration Request for Non-ATF Employees

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