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ATF occasionally issues publications to inform the industries it regulates and the general public about the laws and regulations administered and enforced by ATF. These include guidebooks, newsletters, brochures, studies, and reports. ATF publications do not have the force and effect of federal statutes or Department of Justice regulations, and are not final agency actions. They may also be rescinded or modified at ATF’s discretion.

For more information, see “Memorandum for All Components: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documents,” from Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions III, November 16, 2017.

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Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative Report 1999 (279 KB)

ATF established the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative (YCGII) in 1996 to focus special agent and inspector resources on reducing youth gun violence. To increase our effectiveness, we resolved to equip our investigators and their State and local counterparts with more facts about how violent youth obtained guns. We asked our colleagues in State and local law enforcement to help us systematically follow the gun used in crime to help identify violent criminals and their illegal suppliers by tracing all crime guns with the National Tracing Center.     

Firearms Report
Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative Report 2000 (189 KB) This publication of crime gun data for calendar year 2000 marks the fourth annual compilation of firearms trace analyses since the inception of the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative (YCGII) in 1996. As the number of communities involved has increased from the original 17 to 55, so has the value of this information as a relevant tool for law enforcement. With this knowledge, communities have formulated sound gun enforcement strategies for proactive use in firearms investigations. This is a direct result of the strong partnerships our agents have forged with every participating agency. Any level of success is impossible without this valued cooperation. Firearms Report
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