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Firearms Commerce in the U.S. Annual Statistical Update - 2013 (643 KB) Firearms Report
Personal Firearms Record (ATF P 3312.8) (361 KB)

By completing this record and maintaining it in a safe location, separate from your firearms, you will be taking an important first step in the effort to prevent thefts and to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

Firearms Guide
Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide - 2014 Edition (ATF P 5300.4) (3512 KB)

The 2014 edition of the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide contains information that will help you comply with Federal laws and regulations governing the manufacture, importation and distribution of firearms and ammunition. This edition contains new and amended statutes enacted since publication of the 2005 edition, as well as updated regulations and rulings issued by ATF.

Firearms Guide
ATF Guidebook - Importation & Verification of Firearms, Ammunition, and Implements of War (4571 KB)

This publication was prepared by ATF's Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch (FEIB) to assist importers and other firearms industry members in identifying firearms, ammunition, and defense articles that may be imported into the United States and to further clarify and facilitate the import process.

Firearms Guide
2015 Summary: Firearms Reported Lost and Stolen (853 KB)

2015 Summary: Firearms Reported Lost and Stolen

Firearms Report
ATF National Firearms Act Handbook (ATF P 5320.8) (10347 KB)

This handbook is primarily for the use of persons in the business of importing, manufacturing, and dealing in firearms defined by the National Firearms Act (NFA) or persons intending to go into an NFA firearms business. It should also be helpful to collectors of NFA firearms and other persons having questions about the application of the NFA. 

Firearms Guide
National Firearms Act Branch (ATF P 5320.6) (1648 KB)

This brochure provides information about ATF's National Firearms Act (NFA) Branch.

Firearms Guide
ffl_guide.pdf (2397 KB)

We’ve put together this guide to educate Federal Firearms licensees (FFls) on how to facilitate private party sales of firearms. When individuals decide to use FFls to facilitate the private sale of their firearms, it can enhance public safety, assist law enforcement, and help ensure firearms end up only in the hands of those who are legally allowed to possess them.

Firearms Guide
1216-ffl-list-guam.xlsx (16 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-hawaii.xlsx (28 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-idaho.xlsx (151 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-illinois.xlsx (309 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-guam.txt (4 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-hawaii.txt (17 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-idaho.txt (160 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-illinois.txt (342 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-indiana.xlsx (227 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-iowa.xlsx (200 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-kansas.xlsx (175 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-kentucky.xlsx (217 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-louisiana.xlsx (191 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-indiana.txt (253 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-iowa.txt (212 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-kansas.txt (185 KB) Firearms
1216-ffl-list-kentucky.txt (241 KB) Firearms
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