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ATF occasionally issues publications to inform the industries it regulates and the general public about the laws and regulations administered and enforced by ATF. These include guidebooks, newsletters, brochures, studies, and reports. ATF publications do not have the force and effect of federal statutes or Department of Justice regulations, and are not final agency actions. They may also be rescinded or modified at ATF’s discretion.

For more information, see “Memorandum for All Components: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documents,” from Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions III, November 16, 2017.

Title Description Category Document Type
Virgin Islands Firearms Statutes and Codes (311 KB)
Firearms Statutes and Codes.
Firearms Guide
Explanation of the Hearing Process (336 KB)
This is a brochure provides general guidance and an overview of the hearing process for federal firearms licensees (FFLs). 
Firearms Guide
Ohio Published Ordinances M-Z 6-12-19 (1726 KB) Firearms Guide
Ohio Published Ordinances A-L 6-12-19 (1770 KB) Firearms Guide
2020 Firearms Commerce Report (2914 KB)

2020 Firearms Commerce Report in the United States.

Firearms Report
1975-1-Penguns Classified as Firearms (902 KB)

This circular announces the reclassification of small caliber weapons (such as penguns) ostensibly designed to expel only tear gas, similar substances or pyrotechnic signals, which may be converted to expel a projectile by means of an explosive, as firearms.

Firearms Industry Circular
ATF Industry Circular 2003-2: Establishing the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (54 KB)

The purpose of this industry circular is to advise firearms and ammunition excise taxpayers that effective January 24, 2003, a new Treasury agency, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, will be responsible for administering the firearms and ammunition excise tax laws and regulations currently administered by ATF.

Firearms Industry Circular
ATF Industry Circular 1985-2: Importation of National Firearms Act Curio and Relic Firearms (691 KB)

This circular provides information concerning the importation of National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms for use as a sample for sales to law enforcement agencies when such firearms have been determined to be curios or relics.

Firearms Industry Circular
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