Can you provide some resume writing tips regarding addressing the required qualifications for a position?

Your resume must thoroughly describe how your skills and experiences align with the criteria defined in the qualifications section of the job announcement and support your responses to the assessment questionnaire. Federal Human Resources professionals operate under various federal employment laws, rules and regulations. We are prohibited from drawing conclusions or making assumptions regarding your experience or qualifications. It is up to you to describe your past work experience in detail by providing examples related to those listed in the requirements section of the job announcement.

Your experience, including relevant volunteer, paid or unpaid work and roles in community organizations, should address all qualifications in the vacancy announcement. Be specific to ensure the hiring agency can determine the experience they are seeking. If the qualifications section says you need experience developing quality assurance standard operating procedures and division policies, you need to provide evidence of this qualifying experience in your resume.

Last Reviewed March 1, 2024