Federal Register Actions

Image of the United States Supreme CourtLike all federal agencies, ATF publishes official notices of its actions in the Federal Register, a publication of the Government Printing Office. The Federal Register is published Monday through Friday (except federal holidays), both on paper and online.

Explore the online Federal Register

When you access the Federal Register online, you can use the search feature or use the "Browse" link at the top to explore documents by agency, topic and date. You can easily view all documents published by ATF and use the "Subscribe" link to get the latest updates via email or RSS. On a specific document's web page, you can view and download its corresponding PDF file using Adobe Acrobat®. 

In addition, we place a copy of these documents on the ATF website shortly after the Federal Register makes the documents available through their website. When you access a notice or advance notice of proposed rulemaking on our website, you will see directions on how to submit a comment to us. You will also be able to view comments submitted to ATF via the Federal eRulemaking portal.

As part of publishing a document, the Federal Register places a copy of the manuscript “on file” in their office the day before it is printed. Members of the public may view the document at that time. Call the Federal Register at 202-741-6000 for details.

Last Reviewed September 23, 2022