International Offices

ATF's International Affairs Division (IAD) promotes information sharing and intelligence gathering with a goal of defeating criminal organizations. IAD also supports international firearms trafficking investigations and transnational law enforcement initiatives.

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Canada Offices


Ottawa, Ontario (U.S. Embassy)
Contact:  (613) 688-5490

  • Country Attaché

Toronto, Ontario (U.S. Consulate)
Contact: (416) 640-8675

  • Assistant Attaché


El Salvador Office


San Salvador (U.S. Embassy)
Contact: 011-503-2501-2999

  • Regional Firearms Advisor


Europe Offices

Contact: 011-31-70-353-1240

  • Europol Liaison Officer




Mexico Offices

Mexico City, Mexico (U.S. Embassy)
Contact: 011-5255-5533-5478
  • Country Attaché
  • Assistant Country Attaché
  • Assistant Attaché
  • Program Analyst / Intel 
Monterrey (U.S. Consulate)
Contact: 011-5281-8407-3100
  • Assistant Attaché

Ciudad Juarez (U. S. Consulate)
Contact:  011-52656-611-3000

  • Assistant Attaché

Tijuana (U. S. Consulate)
Contact: 011-52664-622-7400

  • Assistant Attaché
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