International Offices

Welcome to ATF’s Office of International Affairs, the focal point for the Bureau’s international activities. Our mission is to facilitate and coordinate ATF’s international activities, including requests from foreign nations for ATF assistance and training as well as facilitating criminal investigations such as firearms trafficking or illicit tobacco diversion. Through our international offices, we provide the international liaison to ATF’s mission to interdict and prevent illegal firearms trafficking and combat violent criminal gangs.

Canada Offices


Ottawa, Ontario (U.S. Embassy)
Contact:  (613) 688-5490

  • Country Attaché

Toronto, Ontario (U.S. Consulate)
Contact: (416) 640-8675

  • Assistant Attaché


El Salvador Office


San Salvador (U.S. Embassy)
Contact: 011-503-2501-2999

  • Regional Firearms Advisor


Europe Offices

Contact: 011-31-70-353-1240

  • Europol Liaison Officer




Mexico Offices

Mexico City, Mexico (U.S. Embassy)
Contact: 011-5255-5533-5478
  • Country Attaché
  • Assistant Country Attaché
  • Assistant Attaché
  • Program Analyst / Intel 
Monterrey (U.S. Consulate)
Contact: 011-5281-8407-3100
  • Assistant Attaché

Ciudad Juarez (U. S. Consulate)
Contact:  011-52656-611-3000

  • Assistant Attaché

Tijuana (U. S. Consulate)
Contact: 011-52664-622-7400

  • Assistant Attaché
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