Advanced Explosives Disposal Techniques (Course ID EXPL-CS-0001)

Program Description: In 1999, ATF explosive experts recognized a disturbing fact: Bomb technicians in the United States were more likely to be killed or injured while conducting an explosives disposal operation than any other mission, including attempting to render safe an improvised explosive device. Moreover, numerous bomb squad accident investigations conducted by ATF revealed that additional training was the single most effective way to attempt any reduction in the number of these accidents.

In response to this need, the ATF Office of Training and Professional Development, in cooperation with the ATF Explosives Technology Branch, developed the AEDT training program for bomb technicians and explosives specialists. AEDT provides in depth classroom and range instruction in virtually every aspect of explosives disposal.

ATF provides travel and lodging in addition to training, classroom materials and range tools. Students are also reimbursed a daily per diem rate as determined by GSA. The course is delivered at the ATF Explosives Training Branch located on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

Curriculum includes:

  • Relevant Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and regulations

  • Relevant Department of Transportation laws and regulations

  • Explosives storage laws and regulations

  • Explosives Disposal Range Management and Operational Planning

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Disposal techniques for most types of explosives

  • Fireworks and pyrotechnic hazards

Duration of course: Two-week period with Monday of first week and Friday of second week as travel days. The weekend is open. Eight days instruction.

Prerequisites for Attendance: Applicant must be a full time public safety official trained as a Bomb Technician and whose mission includes destruction/disposal of explosive materials. Selections are based on several factors, which include but are not limited to, current assignment and geographical location.

Application: Download ATF F 6310.1 — State and Local Training Registration Request. Please send the completed application via email to All applicants must provide their Basic Hazardous Device School (HDS) class number on the registration request. Please enter the information in the “Briefly Describe Your Area of Responsibility and Duties Section.” Those selected will be contacted via email with available course dates.

Course Dates:
Course From To Location
TBA TBA TBA Redstone Arsenal, AL

Contact: AEDT Program Manager at 256-261-7512 for additional information.

Last Reviewed November 27, 2020