Arson & Explosives Training Programs

Crimes involving arson and explosives are the most devastating crimes confronting our society. They destroy property, disrupt human lives, and place an ever increasing economic burden upon our citizens. The increasing number of violent acts involving arson and explosives has established a greater need for State and local investigators with a high level of expertise.

In response to this problem, and by virtue of its statutory authority under Title XI of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, ATF initiates investigations and assists in State and local bomb and arson investigations. ATF’s experience in these investigations has shown that a cooperative effort between trained State and local officers and ATF results in more effective investigations.

In order for law enforcement to adequately combat these violations, cooperation among Federal, state, and local agencies is essential to achieve this coordinated effort.

As part of this cooperative effort, ATF offers training in arson and explosives for state and local investigators and prosecutors. Click here for a copy of the State and Local Training Registration Request.

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016