Be Secure Checklist

Voluntary Actions Explosives Industry Members Can Take to Make Their Business More Secure!

  • Periodically conduct a full inventory of all explosive items in your possession.

  • Document shortages, losses, thefts, or otherwise unaccounted for explosives and report them to ATF immediately at 1-888-ATF-BOMB. Also prepare an ATF Form 5400.5, Theft or Loss of Explosive Materials.

  • Inspect your perimeter security and report indications of attempted thefts of your explosives to ATF (i.e., cut fences, unlocked gates, etc…).

  • Visually inspect your magazines and locks for any damage that would make them no longer theft-resistant. Make any necessary repairs or changes to the magazines in accordance with 27 CFR 555.63.

  • Verify that all keys to the magazines can be accounted for. If they cannot be located, or it is unknown how many keys your employees possess, change the locks on the magazines.

  • Teach your employees what they can do in case of an emergency at the job site.

  • Ensure that only non-prohibited and essential personnel have access to the magazines and explosive materials.

  • Know your customers and vendors. Identify all unknown contract carriers and follow up with your customers to ensure delivery of the explosive materials.

  • Report any suspicious behavior or attempted explosives purchases by any person(s) unknown to you or those who do not appear to have a legitimate need for explosives.

  • Keep in touch with law enforcement officials or other explosives industry members to remain up-to-date on any advisories.

  • Make sure that first responders or other emergency personnel are aware of your location and have their telephone numbers posted or readily available in case of emergency.

Make the Right Call
Be Aware and Be Secure for America

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016