Explosives Recognition & IED Exploitation (ERIE) for Intelligence Analysts (Course ID EXPL-CS-0028)

The Explosives Recognition and IED Exploitation (ERIE) course introduces intelligence analysts to commercial explosives, homemade explosives, post blast investigative techniques, and trends. During the class, participants learn how to process crime scenes by using world-class techniques and applying them to real-world scenarios.

The class shares best practices used by law enforcement and military investigating counter-improvised explosive device incidents. Analysts also learn how to process bombing scenes and leverage lessons learned from recent global explosive crimes. The National Center for Explosives Training and Research (NCETR) hosts ERIE at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to explosives and explosives effects
  • Commercial and home-made explosive demonstrations
  • Technical exploitation and component identification
  • Introduction to industry operations
  • Practical Commercial Product Identification exercise
  • U.S. Bomb Data Center and Bomb Arson Tracking System

Target Audience

Current and newly hired intelligence analysts.


This course is open to all full time intelligence analysts and public safety officials responsible for bombing and explosion investigations.

Tuition and Costs

All participants are required to obtain funding for their travel and lodging from their home agency.

ATF provides all course materials and technical range tools to all incoming students at cost. 

Length of Training

ERIE training takes place over four days, from Monday to Thursday. Students are expected to travel on Sunday and Friday.

How to Apply

Download and complete the ERIE Training Request application form. Send your completed form to PBIT@atf.gov.

All applicants will receive an email notification regarding the status of their application along with available course dates.

Current Course Dates

Dates Location
March 6 - 10, 2023 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama


Please contact PBIT at PBIT@atf.gov for additional information.

Last Reviewed August 8, 2022