Post Blast Investigative Techniques I (Course ID EXPL-CS-0013)

This is a basic post blast course designed to teach a systematic method of investigating an explosion scene. The course provides instruction in explosives identification and applications, explosives effects, IED component recognition and evidence collection. The course is delivered at a variety of locations throughout the United States based on requests from ATF field divisions.

The course is comprised of classroom participation, an explosives demonstration and actual investigation of a post blast scene.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to explosives

  • Introduction to improvised explosive devices (IED)

  • Post blast scene processing and forensics

  • ATF team concept

Length of Training

5 class days for the basic course. 10 class days for the advanced course.


Applicant must be a full-time public safety official whose primary mission is to investigate bombing incidents and other explosions. Selections are intended to facilitate coordination of agencies in the area of operation where the training is being conducted.

Due to budget restrictions and the cancellation of ATF State Department Post Blast Training, ATF is no longer running a standing class open to military students. However, military-only classes will be conducted at NCETR on Redstone Arsenal, with all associated costs being covered by the sponsoring unit.

Tuition and Costs

ATF provides lodging, per diem, instructors, classroom, supplies, training materials and range tools. ATF will also reimburse travel expenses and baggage after student receipts are submitted to the Post Blast Program Manager. Students must provide their own transportation while in Huntsville.

How to Apply

Download ATF F 6310.1 — State and Local Training Registration Request. Please send the completed application via email to Those selected will be contacted with available course dates.

Student selection is conducted by the ATF Field Office hosting the training. Please contact the local ATF Field Office hosting the course for more information.

Current Course Dates

Course Dates Location
State & Local Nov. 15-19, 2021 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
State & Local Dec. 13-17, 2021 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
State & Local Feb. 7-11, 2022 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
State & Local April 4-8, 2022 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
Advanced PBIT May 3-12, 2022 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama


Please contact PBIT Program Manager David Taylor at 361-533-3819 for additional information.

Last Reviewed October 21, 2021