Can I keep other required explosives records in a location that is different from my licensed/permitted premises (e.g., at my residence)?

The regulations at 27 CFR Part 555 Subpart G - Records and Reports generally require that records pertaining to explosive materials be maintained on the business premises for 5 years from the date a transaction occurs or until discontinuance of business or operations. The definition of “business premises” at 27 CFR § 555.11 includes property where the explosives records are kept if different than the premises where explosive materials are manufactured, imported, stored, or distributed (for manufacturers, importers, or dealers) or where explosive materials are received or stored (for users).

Therefore, you may keep required records at an alternate location; however, any location where you maintain required records is also your business premises and so is subject to ATF inspection.  Records should be located such that you are able to provide complete printed records during the ATF inspection in a manner that does not hinder the effective administration of the inspection process.

Last Reviewed December 3, 2019