How are BATS entries handled if more than one agency responds to the incident?

Each agency is responsible for administering their BATS account. When two or more agencies report the same incident in BATS, the system will perform a de-confliction check based on the date, time, and location of the incident. If the system determines the incident has already been reported by another agency, the BATS user may request access to the original agency's BATS incident and contribute to it or create their own incident record.

In either event, each agency will receive credit for the incident and be able to claim it as a measurement of workload for administrative and operational purposes. Pointer (or contact) information will be displayed for all involved agencies in the event another agency receives a hit based on similar incident details. However, for the actual national and state BATS incident counts, duplicate incidents will only be counted once.

Last Reviewed September 23, 2016