How can fusion centers utilize BATS?

As part of the USBDC's commitment to supporting fusion centers, new user roles have been created for fusion center analysts. This will allow fusion centers to have direct access to BATS with the added capability to interface with their local bomb squad and fire investigation communities. For example, a bomb technician or fire investigator can enter details in BATS on an IED or arson incident and then grant "case access" to their local fusion center. This allows the fusion center analyst to provided assistance by searching BATS for similarities in IED components, suspects, motives, and crime methodologies nationwide. Analysts can also "attach" files such as work product, photos, videos, documents, and other analysis to a particular incident. In addition, BATS users can access explosives & arson advisories as well as other research & explosives expertise by ATF & USBDC.
Last Reviewed September 23, 2016