How does my department host regional hands-on “live” BATS training?

As part of our commitment to supporting bomb squads & fire investigation units, the U.S. Bomb Data Center (USBDC) has provided training & direction to ATF special agents on protocols for coordinating BATS training for their state & local partners. The main requirement is obtaining use of a computer lab with computers for each attendee (e.g., police academy, fire academy, community college, etc.).

Each session covers real-world scenarios (e.g., bombings, juvenile fire setters, explosive recoveries, car fires, training/administrative activities, etc.) and typically last approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. The USBDC recommends a minimum of 15 attendees for each session. Please submit your BATS training request to your local ATF office.

Interested agencies may also contact other local, state, or federal BATS users and request that they put on a hands-on training course for them.

Last Reviewed September 23, 2016