Is a manufacturer’s license required to acquire and mix binary explosives?

If the individual purchasing the binary explosives is engaged in the business of manufacturing explosives, i.e., mixes and uses them in the operation of a commercial business (for example, operating a quarry, or providing the service of removing stumps or boulders from a farm field), then a manufacturer’s license is required.

An individual farmer who merely wishes to mix the binary explosives to remove obstacles from his field and provides no other outside service would not need a manufacturer’s license.

Please note, however: A Federal explosives license or permit would be required to obtain any explosive device, such as detonators, used to initiate the mixed binary explosives. In addition, transportation of any explosive material, including mixed binary explosives, without a Federal license or permit is prohibited. [27 CFR 555.11: Definition of "manufacturer"; 27 CFR 555.26, 555.41(b)]

Last Reviewed September 28, 2018