My agency uses an existing Record Management System (RMS). Can I still participate?

Each agency is responsible for administering their BATS account. This includes customizing their report headers and determining whether to share information with other agencies. The latest version of BATS allows each Agency Administrator to import information from an agency’s internal system into BATS. However, the data from the external source system MUST be converted by the contributing agency into the required BATS schema format in order for this process to work correctly. Data from a source system can be imported on a one-time basis and then the record must be maintained through BATS. Therefore, agencies are encouraged to use the import tool to upload historical incident information into BATS. The schema is available to agency account managers within BATS. New incidents can then be entered directly into an agency’s BATS account allowing participants to take advance of the state-of-the-art case management and connecting the dots features of BATS. There is no charge to local / state / federal agencies.
Last Reviewed September 23, 2016