What are the benefits of participating in BATS?

BATS provides your unit with state-of-the-art technology to manage and keep track of all your investigations and administrative activities. Users can easily create professional reports using standardized terminology for consistency. This provides the investigator with the ability to efficiently communicate investigative findings with a prosecutor and other investigators.

The value of the information in BATS is dependent on the quality of incident reporting. This data is not only important to the successful conclusion of the case being investigated but can also help “connect the dots” to other cases across jurisdictions.

The USBDC also provides Congress with statistical reporting regarding explosives, bombing, and fire incidents. Full participation in BATS enables your agency to be accurately represented and can better make a case to acquire needed resources (e.g., grant writing, statistics, mapping, identifying a community’s arson problem, juvenile fire setter programs, budget accounting/requests, planning, equipment requests, meetings with municipal leaders, etc.).

Last Reviewed September 23, 2016