What are the benefits of using a case management system?

BATS helps investigators easily manage and track their investigations. As there are multiple facets and each case is different, BATS aids investigators in organizing the case by easily documenting facts and evidence. It also helps investigators with planning their investigation.

BATS provides an agency with an easy means of retrieving information on old cases. Investigators are able to cross-reference their case details for possible “links” to other investigations. BATS gives investigators access to various pre-formatted reports contained within the BATS application. These reports provide investigators with a detailed representation of their incident data. Since the information has already been entered once, an investigator does not have to re-enter case details to generate different reports.

Today’s legal climate for arson and fire investigations has required that fire investigators use proven scientific methodologies for their expert testimony to be admissible in court. A quality fire investigation report is essential to a successful arson prosecution. BATS provides users with a firm foundation for documenting “origin & cause” and other investigative activity.

Last Reviewed September 23, 2016