Who is a “possessor of explosives”?

A possessor of explosives is any employee of a license or permit holder or any employee of an applicant for a license or permit who has or will have actual physical possession of explosive materials or who has or will have constructive possession of explosive materials. For example, persons who physically handle explosive materials would be considered to be actual possessors of explosive materials. This would include employees who directly handle explosive materials as part of the production process; employees who handle explosive materials in order to ship, transport, or sell them; and employees, such as blasters and their helpers who actually use explosive materials. A constructive possessor is any person who has access to explosive materials, without physically handling them.

For example, a supervisor at a construction site who keeps keys for storage magazines in which explosives are stored or who directs the use of explosive materials by other employees has constructive possession of explosives.

Last Reviewed September 28, 2018