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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

ATF Most Wanted

This is an initiative by ATF in its continuing effort to combat violent crime in cooperation with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. In the past, ATF has successfully utilized other mediums to advertise wanted persons, and now, with the advent of the Internet, ATF is seizing the opportunity to employ Internet subscribers in this endeavor.

The following ATF wanted persons are the result of ATF criminal investigations, often in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, that resulted in the issuance of a federal arrest warrant.

Several criteria are considered before choosing subjects for the ATF Most Wanted list. They are as follows:

  • Seriousness of the crime committed
  • Past criminal record of the defendant
  • Potential for the defendant to be a dangerous menace to society, based on the current or past charge.
  • Belief that publicity afforded by the program will be of assistance in apprehending the wanted person


Notify the nearest ATF field office or call the ATF Enforcement Operations Center in Washington, DC, at 1-800-800-3855.


Francisco Rene Melgar Cabrera

Download Francisco Rene MELGAR CABRERA;s Wanted Poster

Download Francisco Rene MELGAR CABRERA;s Wanted Poster – Espanol

On the morning of 20 June 2009, Francisco Rene MELGAR-CABRERA and two other masked and armed males entered a Denny’s Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, forced the patrons and employees to the ground under threats of violence, and committed a robbery in which money and personal property were taken from restaurant employees. During the course of the robbery, a revolver possessed by one of the perpetrators was fired with the bullet striking a female restaurant employee and subsequently causing her death. During the robbery MELGAR-CABRERA brandished a loaded pistol while he ordered the restaurant employees and the patrons to the ground. MELGAR-CABRERA was illegally in the United States at the time of the robbery and was therefore prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition. All three perpetrators fled the scene of the crime. Two of the perpetrators were caught shortly afterwards; however, MELGAR-CABRERA eluded capture. USE EXTREME CAUTION: MELGAR-CABRERA should be considered armed and dangerous.

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

Download Miguel Martinez’s Wanted Poster

Miguel Martinez, a two-time convicted felon and ranking member of the Insane Deuces street gang, is wanted on Federal charges stemming from his involvement in a conspiracy to commit violent crimes and distribute illegal drugs. Martinez is charged, along with his co-conspirators, with conspiracy to commit multiple shootings, homicides and other firearms-related violent crimes during a gang war with rival gangs in the summer of 2002. Martinez, a former resident of Chicago’s western suburbs, has been reported to still be in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Stephen Craig Campbell

Stephen Craig Campbell

Download Stephen Craig Campbell’s Wanted Poster

Wanted for attempted first degree murder and possession and manufacture of a destructive device. Has been spotted In Virgin Islands. Maybe using an alias and possible in the Houston/New Orleans area. A Federal Warrant was issued on April 25, 1983, in Wyoming, charging him with manufacture and possession of a bomb.

Paulo Enrique Lopez-Garcia

Paulo Enrique Lopez-Garcia

Download Paulo Enrique Lopez-Garcia’s Wanted Poster

On May 25, 2004, Lopez, along with a number of other accomplices, robbed a pawnshop at gunpoint in Sheridan, Colorado, which is part of the Denver Metropolitan Area. It is believed that Lopez was armed with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The suspects stole a large number of firearms, cash, jewelry and electronics equipment. Some of the store employees were assaulted during this incident. The suspects fled from the scene in a stolen SUV that was subsequently recovered. The suspects wore light blue bandannas and baseball caps to conceal their identities. It is believed that the suspects, with the exception of one white male, were all male Hispanics in their twenties.

George Anthony Orfanos

George Anthony Orfanos

Download George Anthony Orfanos’ Wanted Poster

Orfanos is wanted for setting a fire which destroyed a $4.5 million mansion in Sacramento, CA. He is known to have lived in the Atlanta, GA area as well as in Sacramento, CA. Orfanos has a pronounced Greek accent and speaks “broken English.” A Federal Arrest Warrant (92-312JFM) was issued for Orfanos on December 17, 1992 in the Eastern Judicial District, Sacramento, California. The warrent charges Orfanos with Conspiracy (18 USC 371), Arson (18 USC 844(i)), Arson to Commit Felony (18 USC 844(h)(1)), Mail Fraud (18 USC 1341), and Intersate Transportation of Fraudulently Obtained Property (18 USC 2314).

Randy Michael Yager

Randy Michael Yager

Download Randy Michael Yager’s Wanted Poster

Randy Michael Yager is the regional president of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club and is wanted for violation of federal RICO Laws. Caution: Subject is known to carry firearms. Has previous Federal RICO Conviction. Yager is considered armed and dangerous.