Serial Robber Receives 178-416 Years in Prison

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Philadelphia Police arrested Frank Oliver, former personal assistant to Common Pleas Court Judge Roger F. Gordon, after stopping his car and recovering an unlicensed 9mm handgun in the vehicle July 25, 2015.


Before Oliver’s arrest, four armed robberies took place in Philadelphia between June and July 2015. At the scene of each crime, 9mm casings were recovered.


After test firing the recovered gun, trained analysts were able to link it to three of the armed robberies by using the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN). NIBIN captures three dimensional images of cartridge cases from a firearm or shooting scene and compares the unique markings to cartridge cases already in the system.


The Philadelphia Police Department passed on the NIBIN lead to the ATF Philadelphia Field Division Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) for additional analysis. Within 24 hours, the CGIC analyzed all available crime gun intelligence and identified Oliver as a suspect in the shootings to investigators.


Oliver confessed to his involvement in the shooting to investigators as well as implicated Amin Ackridge. He also provided information on the fourth shooting. A witness at one of the shootings also identified Ackridge as the shooter.


Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Oliver and Ackridge for the shootings Feb. 6, 2016. Oliver testified against Ackridge and received a sentence of three to six years in prison. Prosecutors called Ackridge a “ruthless robber” and pointed out the violence of his shootings which left one of the victims paralyzed.


Ackridge was found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, robbery, criminal conspiracy and firearms violations April 28, 2017, and sentenced to 178-416 years in prison July 17, 2017.




Last Reviewed November 2, 2018