How do I file a claim for personal injury or property damage/loss caused by ATF?

A claim may be filed using Standard Form 95. Use of the form is not mandatory, but it is strongly preferred. Instructions for completing the form are on its second page.

The completed and signed claim should be filed with the ATF Office of Chief Counsel Litigation Division, through one of the following methods. Please do not send multiple copies of your claim to ATF.

  • Electronic submission is strongly preferred. You may submit your claim by email to You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt when filing electronically. Please utilize an email address that you will check regularly, as ATF may contact you by email if additional information is required to adjudicate your claim.
  • If you prefer to send a hard copy of the claim, it should be sent to the following address:


                                     ATF Office of the Chief Counsel (Litigation)
                                     99 New York Ave. NE
                                     Room 5.E-310
                                     Washington, DC 20226


Last Reviewed December 13, 2023