What information should I submit with my claim?

Whether or not you use Standard Form 95, for a claim to be validly presented, you must:

  • Include sufficient information to allow ATF to investigate your claim, including, at minimum, the date and location of the alleged negligent or wrongful acts or omissions by ATF employees as well as the names of any ATF employees known to you to have been allegedly involved.
  • Include a specific monetary demand amount (a sum certain) for personal injuries and/or property damage as appropriate as well as a total amount sought.
  • Sign the claim or have your authorized agent or legal representative sign the claim and submit proof of their authority to present the claim on your behalf.

So that ATF can adjudicate your claim, you should also submit all available documentation and evidence that you have relating to the incident. 28 C.F.R. ยง 14.4 provides detailed information about the types of evidence and information that should be submitted with your claim. You should include any police reports, witness statements, photographs, and other evidence or information relating to the alleged actions taken by any ATF employee(s) and the alleged damages. You should also provide support for your claimed monetary damages.

Last Reviewed December 12, 2023