K-9 Bonny sitting on a police truck bumper
  • Name: Bonny
  • Specialty: Explosives Detection/Search Enhanced Evidence K-9 (S.E.E.K.)
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Birthday: March 12, 2013
  • Training: ATF National Canine Center, Front Royal, VA
  • Handler: Special Agent Canine Handler George Goodman
  • Location: Detroit Field Division

K-9 Bonny is an ATF Explosives Detection Canine assigned to the Detroit Field Division with Special Agent Canine Handler (SACH) George Goodman. Her job is to find explosives, guns and ammunition. K-9 Bonny is also an ATF Search Enhanced Evidence K-9 (S.E.E.K.) able to work off leash up to 150 yards away from her handler and detect more than 19,000 distinct odors.

K-9 Bonny is a small 47-pound chocolate lab with a huge amount of energy and an incredible work ethic; she never wants to stop working until the job is done. She enjoys working off-leash in open fields, grass and wooded areas, as well as searching vehicles and houses.

Recent Operations

In March 2018, K-9 Bonny and SACH Goodman deployed to support the Austin, Texas bombing investigation. The case involved a serial bomber suspect who was known for mailing package bombs to his victims, which resulted in two deaths and multiple injuries. K-9 Bonny and SACH Goodman conducted security sweeps throughout the local area with a goal of detecting potential hidden bombs while keeping residents safe.

Today, K-9 Bonny and SACH Goodman continue to assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with solving criminal cases, including the Michigan State Police, Detroit Police Department, Flint Police Department and U.S. Marshals Service.


Last Reviewed March 19, 2022