About Charlotte Field Division

The Charlotte ATF Field Division covers both great states of North and South Carolina. Here in the Carolinas, we pride ourselves in our collaborative enforcement efforts with other federal, state and local law enforcement and fire service professionals. Our focus is to help provide safer communities by addressing violent crime, gang activities, and firearms thefts and trafficking. We also strive to engage ourselves with our regulated businesses, including the firearms and explosives industries, to address potential public safety issues. We continue to believe that anything positive can be accomplished if we combine and focus our efforts on a single goal, and that overall goal is to provide safe and secure communities for our good citizens to live and thrive in.

Our website can be a useful tool for anyone needing information about us and has been designed to provide the latest public information and activity regarding our programs and projects. This site is just another means in which we demonstrate our dedication to actively engaging our customers by effectively communicating useful information as we strive to protect the public and address the issue of violent crime.

The site has contact information for each of our outlying field offices and area offices, to include the contact information for key personnel for the Division office in Charlotte. I encourage you to get involved in your communities and contact the respective office in your area with any concerns that may be related to ATF and our mission. Thank you.


Bennie Mims
Special Agent in Charge, Charlotte Field Division


Last Reviewed May 25, 2022