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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Permanent Brady State Lists

States in which the FBI Conducts NICS Checks for All Firearms Transactions
Alabama Alaska American Samoa
Arizona Arkansas Delaware
D.C. Georgia Idaho
Indiana Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine Massachusetts
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana New Mexico New York
North Dakota N. Mariana Islands Ohio
Oklahoma Puerto Rico Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Texas
Vermont West Virginia Wyoming
States that Act as the Point of Contact (POC) for All Firearms Transactions
California Colorado Connecticut
Hawaii Illinois Nevada
New Jersey Oregon Pennsylvania
Tennessee Utah Virginia

States that Act as a Partial Point of Contact (POC) for NICS Checks


Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement for all firearms,
except licensees may contact the FBI for certain pawn transactions


Permit POC for handguns
FBI – long guns


Maryland State Police – handguns and assault weapons
FBI – long guns and pawn redemptions


Permit POC for handguns
FBI – long guns


Permit POC for handguns
FBI – long guns

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Safety for handguns
FBI – long guns

North Carolina

Permit POC for handguns
FBI – long guns


Chief law enforcement officer for handguns without CPL
FBI - for handguns with CPL
FBI – long guns


Department of Justice for handguns
FBI – long guns