About the Dallas Field Division

Welcome to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Dallas Field Division. Our Division is responsible for ATF criminal enforcement and industry regulatory activities in the Northern half of Texas (Tyler to El Paso), as well as the State of Oklahoma. Our dedicated work force is comprised of special agents, investigators, explosive enforcement officers, canine handlers, auditors, technicians, legal counsel and support staff. Additionally, one of five ATF Special Response Teams (SRT) is based in Dallas. ATF is committed to reducing violent crime in our neighborhoods. The Special Agents of the Dallas Division combat firearm violence by focusing their investigative efforts on armed violent offenders, career criminals, gangs and gun traffickers. This includes efforts to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico which fuels the violence among the drug cartels. We also work in partnership with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout Texas and Oklahoma to accomplish this mission.

Explosives and arson enforcement are an integral part of ATF’s overall violent crime reduction strategy. ATF’s Dallas Field Division special agents combat arson and explosive-related crimes by conducting independent investigations and by working in partnership with local and state fire investigators and police bomb squads. Also, ATF provides post-blast training for local investigators and bomb technicians. ATF’s explosives expertise will be utilized for security purposes when Super Bowl XLV comes to Arlington, Texas in February of 2011. ATF also has the duty of regulating the firearms and explosives industry. The Industry Operations Investigators work to ensure that all firearms are stored, handled and in a safe manner according to law. Investigators conduct periodic inspections of firearms and explosives licensees. ATF Industry Investigators play an integral part in preventing domestic and international firearms trafficking.

We encourage all residents to get involved and assist us in our goal of reducing crime in our communities. If community members have information regarding any violent criminal activity in this region, do not hesitate to contact the Dallas division at (469) 227-4300.

William A. Temple


Last Reviewed November 18, 2016