Explosives Storage Requirements - Indoor Magazines

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Indoor Magazines

  • Are generally prohibited in residences and dwellings.
    • ATF Ruling 2002-3:  Provides guidance on the requirements to apply for a variance to store explosives in a residence or dwelling.
    • ATF Ruling 2002-4:  Provides guidance on the need for a variance for the indoor storage of explosive materials in business premises directly adjacent to a residence or dwelling.
  • The total quantity of explosive materials stored within all indoor magazines inside one building is limited to 50 pounds.
  • The total quantity of detonators stored within each indoor magazine is limited to 5,000. 
  • The doors on indoor magazines located in secure rooms must only be secured with one steel padlock that need not be protected by a ¼-inch thick steel hood.  A room is only considered “secure” when it is locked exactly as a magazine (e.g. two mortise locks, three-point lock, etc.). 
Last Reviewed May 19, 2023