FEL eZ Check Application

ATF's Federal Explosives Licensee (FEL) Check System

Welcome to FEL eZ Check

FEL eZ Check is a system that was designed to allow a federal explosives licensee or permittee (FEL) who has a copy of another FEL's license or permit to verify or authenticate the license or permit PRIOR TO shipping or disposing of explosive materials to the requesting licensee or permittee. The website will verify the information shown on the license to determine if it is still valid.

Accessing FEL eZ Check

  1. Log in to: FEL eZ Check Login

  2. Enter the first (1st) digit and two (2) letters of the license or permit number

  3. Click on Submit button to verify the license or permit.

If the data entered is valid and the license or permit is active the following information about the licensee or permittee will be displayed:

  • License or Permit Number
  • Expiration Date
  • License Name
  • Trade Name

Note: If the licensee or permittee being validated has requested and obtained a Letter of Continuing Authorization (LOA), the date the LOA was issued by ATF and the expiration date of the LOA will be displayed.

If you have any questions concerning the use of "FEL eZ Check", contact the Explosives Licensing Center


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Last Reviewed November 16, 2017