National Odor Recognition Test

SACH Nic Garlie and K-9 Taylor participate in the ATF National Odor Recognition Test 2019Each year, ATF hosts a series of national canine competitions known as the National Odor Recognition Test (NORT) where police and military canine teams compete in various activities. The three-day competition allows participants to showcase their odor detection and teamwork skills while actively searching out and identifying a variety of explosive, accelerant and gun powder-related materials. This program also serves as an opportunity for local, state, federal and military canine teams to learn new techniques from the nation’s best teams and experts in the field. 

The NORT program is part of the ATF National Canine Division, which is responsible for training the canine teams at ATF and other law enforcement agencies in explosives, firearms and accelerant detection and related tactics. ATF hosts 12 NORT competitions across the country each year to accommodate an estimated 500 explosives detection canine teams.

Special Agent Canine Handler George Goodman and K-9 Bonny compete in the annual ATF National Odor Recognition Test

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Last Reviewed October 1, 2020