Do I have to send my computer records to the Out-of-Business Records Center when I discontinue my business?

Yes, ATF Ruling 2007–1 authorized the use of a computer to create and maintain the records required by 27 CFR Part 555, Subpart G—Records and Reports. The explosives regulations contained in 27 CFR 555.121(a)(2) require all ATF explosives licensees and permittees to keep records required under Subpart G, for a minimum period of 5 years or until discontinuance of business or operations. Under 555.128, these records (including bound record books, computer printouts, theft/loss reports, etc.) must be delivered within 30 days following the discontinuance of business or operations to the local ATF office or to the Out–of–Business (OOB) Records Center at the following address:

National Tracing Center
ATF / Out–of–Business Records Center
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, WV 25405

The OOB Records Center accepts automated records only when there is a legible printout of all the required information. Computer storage tapes or data punch cards are not acceptable. The licensee or permittee must provide a complete printout, along with an American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) text file (conforming to common industry standards), and a file description. The ASCII text file must contain all the required information.

Last Reviewed March 19, 2020