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Restricted Importation
NFA Firearms

Those firearms as defined in 26 U.S.C. § 5845, which include such firearms as machineguns, machinegun receivers, silencers, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, destructive devices, smoothbore pistols, and certain other firearms (including certain unserviceable weapons).

Surplus Military Firearms

Those firearms which are generally not authorized for importation under 18 U.S.C. § 925(d)(3).

Nonsporting Firearms

… such as handguns which do not meet the sporting purpose criteria on ATF F 5330.5 (Form 4590), any rifle or shotgun with a folding stock or folding bayonet, and shotguns having a fixed magazine with a capacity of more than 5 cartridges and certain military style semiautomatic rifles and shotguns.

Nonsporting Ammunition

… including armor piercing ammunition, tracer ammunition (except sporting shotgun ammunition), ammunition for destructive devices, and incendiary ammunition. (see 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(17)(B)).

Proscribed Countries

Importation of firearms (other than sporting shotguns), ammunition (other than sporting shotgun ammunition), and munitions list articles originating in certain countries is prohibited.

Proscribed Countries
Federal Register, Vol. 72, No. 246 — December 26, 2007, pages 72936-8

Defense articles that were manufactured or being exported from any of the countries below cannot be authorized for importation into the United states. Both 27 CFR § 447.52 and 22 CFR § 126.1 also apply the same proscriptions to countries with which the united states maintains an arms embargo. The ITAR notes the following countries:
Afghanistan Burma
Belarus China
Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo
Haiti Liberia
Iran Mongolia
Iraq Rwanda
Libya Somalia
North Korea Sudan
Syria Unita (Angola)
Voluntary Restraining Agreement

Certain restrictions apply to both ammunition and firearms (other than sporting shotguns) which are located or manufactured in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Ukraine or Uzbekistan and any firearm or ammunition manufactured in the former Soviet Union located anywhere in the world. Only the following stipulated firearm models or parts for these models are importable under the present agreement. 27 CFR § 447.52.

Pistols / Revolvers Restrictions  
German Model P08 Pistol MC-1-5 Pistol Polish Vis Model 35 Pistol
IZH 34M (.22 caliber Target Pistol) Soviet Nagant Revolver
IZH 35M (.22 caliber Target Pistol) TOZ 35, .22 caliber Target Pistol
Mauser Model 1896 Pistol -
Added as of May 6, 2004:
MTs 440 Pistol MTs 57-1 Pistol
MTs 59-1 Pistol MTs 1-5 Pistol
TOZ-35M Starter Pistol Biathlon-7k Pistol


Rifle Restrictions  
BARS-4 Bolt Action Carbine MC-113-02
Biathlon Target Rifle, .22LR caliber MC-115-1
British Enfield Rifle MC-125/127
CM2, .22 caliber Target Rifle MC-126 (also known as SM2, 22 caliber) MC-128
German Model 98K Rifle Saiga Rifle
German Model G41 Rifle Soviet Model 38 Carbine
German Model G43 Rifle Soviet Model 44 Carbine
IZH-94 Soviet Model 91/30 Rifle
LOS- 7 Bolt Action Rifle TOZ 18, .22 caliber Bolt Action Rifle
MC- 7-07 TOZ 55
MC-18-3 TOZ 78
MC-19-07 Ural Target Rifle, .22LR caliber
MC-I05-01 VEPR Rifle
MC-I12-02 Winchester Model 1895 (Russian Model Rifle)
Added as of May 6, 2004:
Sever Double-Barrel Izh-18MN Single barrel, break action
MR-251 Over/Under MR-221 Double barrel
MR-141K MR-161K
MTs 116-1 MTs 116M Rifle
MTs 112-02 MTs 115-1
MTs 113-02 MTs 105-01 Combination Gun
LOS-7-1 Bolt-action Sporting Rifle LOS-7-2 Bolt-action Sporting Rifle
LOS-9-1 Bolt-action Sporting Rifle Sobol (Sable) Bolt-action Sporting Rifle
Rekord Semi-auto Rifle Bars-4-1 Bolt-action Sporting Rifle
Saiga Semi-auto Rifle Saiga-M Semi-auto Rifle
Saiga-308 Semi-auto Rifle
Saiga-308-1 Semi-auto Rifle
Saiga-308-2 Semi-auto Rifle
Saiga-9 Semi-auto Rifle
Korshun Semi-auto Rifle Ural-5-1
SM-2 Bolt-action Target Rifle
SM-2-1 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Biatlon-7-3 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Biatlon-7-4 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-1 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-2 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-CISM Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-1-308 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-2-308 Bolt-action Target Rifle
Rekord-308-CISM Bolt-action Target Rifle
Vepr Semi-auto Vepr-Super Semi-auto
Vepr-Pioner Semi-auto Vepr-Safari Semi-auto
TOZ 109 Semi-auto KO 44-1 Semi-auto
TOZ 78-01 Bolt-action KO 44 Semi-auto
TOZ 99 Semi-auto TOZ 99-01 Semi-auto
TOZ 55-01 Zubr Double-barrel TOZ 55-2 Zubr Double-barrel
TOZ 120 Zubr Double-barrel MTs 111 Double-barrel
MTs 109 Double-barrel Combination TOZ 122 Semi-auto
TOZ 125 Semi-auto TOZ 28 Triple-barrel
TOZ 300 Triple-barrel

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