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Become a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

Once you have decided to make an application for a federal firearms license (commonly referred to as an “FFL”) you would send the completed application to ATF’s Lockbox; the Lockbox is operated by Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more »

Renew my Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Under § 478.45, Renewal of License, if a licensee intends to continue the business or activity described on a license issued under this part during any portion of the ensuing year, the licensee shall, unless otherwise notified in writing by the Chief, FFLC, execute and file with ATF prior to the expiration of the license an application for a license renewal, ATF Form 8 Part II, in accordance with the instructions on the form, and the required fee. Read more »

Discontinue being a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

When an FFL discontinues business, the FFL must send their firearms transactions records to the National Tracing Center (NTC). The NTC receives an average of 1.2 million out-of-business records per month and is the only repository for these records within the United States. Read more »

Report a Firearms Theft or Loss

Any person who has knowledge of the theft or loss of any firearms from their stock must report such theft or loss within 48 hours of discovery to ATF and to appropriate local authorities. (Regulations at 27 CFR § 179.141, implementing section 923(g), require that the report of theft or loss be made by telephone and in writing to ATF). Read more »

Learn About Firearms Safety and Security

Each year the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) receives thousands of reports of theft or loss from federally licensed firearms dealers. There are many steps that you can take to diminish the risk of theft to your firearms business. Read more »

Import Firearms, Ammunition, and Implements of War

An Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War is generally needed to import defense articles into the United States. Read more »

Receive Imported Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War

Once your ATF Form 6 is approved by the Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch (FEIB), it will be returned to you along with two blank ATF Forms 6A. Read more »

Identify Prohibited Persons

The Gun Control Act (GCA) makes it unlawful for certain categories of persons to ship, transport, receive, or possess firearms. 18 USC 922(g). Transfers of firearms to any such prohibited persons are also unlawful. 18 USC 922(d). Read more »

Last Reviewed September 22, 2016