Instructions for Form 7/7CR - Application for Federal Firearms License

This new application for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) should be used to apply for all FFL types, including type 03 Collector of Curios and Relics.


All Responsible Persons must complete and submit Part B of the application, which is the Responsible Person Questionnaire.  Supplemental Part B Questionnaires can be found at the below link.  


For all license types- except type 03 Collector of Curios and Relics- applications must be accompanied by one 2"x2" photo of each Responsible Person (RP) on the license, and one FD-258 (Fingerprint Card) for each RP on the license.


Below you will find links to the required documents that are necessary to ensure a complete application. Applicants may print forms on standard white paper, but fingerprints must be taken on an FD-258 Fingerprint Card. 


Important Notice to Applicants for Federal Firearms License (FFL) 

(This does not apply if you are submitting an application for a type 03 license ONLY)

  • To receive a license as a dealer (including pawnbrokers & gunsmiths), importer, or manufacturer of firearms, you must intend to engage in a firearms business.
  • You can expect to be contacted by an ATF officer during the application process.
  • You will be required to prepare and keep detailed records of all firearms transactions.
  • Your records and premises will be subject to inspection by ATF officers.
  • ATF notifies State and local authorities regarding applicants for Federal firearms licenses.
  • State laws or local ordinances may require additional licenses or permits for firearms licenses.
  • Other State or local requirements, such as cash bonds, liability insurance, zoning restrictions, collection of sales taxes, etc., may also apply to your proposed firearms business. You should contact your State and local authorities for specific information on their requirements.
  • Firearms licensees should contact the Internal Revenue Service for information regarding business operations and Federal income taxes.
  • When requested by ATF, licensees are required to furnish information regarding firearms traces.

Manufacturer Applicants

In accordance with 33 U.S.C. §1341, ATF forms 5000.29 and 5000.30 are required only for those licensees whose activity may result in a discharge into navigable waters. The determination of whether the forms are required is the responsibility of the applicant, but may be verified by ATF during the qualification or compliance inspection or other times. Not all applicants will need to submit the forms. Generally, the forms will be required for manufacturers and only if the activity may result in a discharge into navigable waters. If applicable, the forms will be collected by field office personnel during the inspection. The applicant may face consequences for non-compliance. Once an applicant has provided these forms to ATF, they must maintain current and valid forms with the ATF or risk revocation under 18 U.S.C. §923(e).


All Applicants

You only need to submit Copy 1, along with any required supporting documents, to the address listed below. It is recommended you make a copy of your application before submitting it to the ATF, for your records.  Copy 2 must be submitted to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) of the locality in which the premises sought to be licensed is located. Copy 1 should be mailed with payment, and one photograph and fingerprint card for each Responsible Person listed on the application (unless applying only for a type 03 Collector of Curio and Relics license) to:


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Federal Firearms Licensing Center
P.O. Box 6200-20
Portland, Oregon


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White Paper Disclaimer: Applicants may print completed forms on white paper, but fingerprints must be taken on an FD-258 Fingerprint Card.

Sample Fingerprint Card and Instructions


Image of a sample fingerprint card -WVA1100

  1. Full Name (last, first, middle)

  2. Signature of Person Fingerprinted

  3. Residence of Person Fingerprinted (complete address, city, state, ZIP code)

  4. Aliases (AKA and/or maiden names)

  5. Date of Birth (DOB) - MM/DD/YYYY

  6. Country of Citizenship

  7. Sex

    • Female - "F"

    • Male - "M"

  8. Race

    • American Indian - "I"

    • Hispanic / Latino - "H"

    • Black or African American - "B"

    • Asian - "A"

    • Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander - "P"

    • White / Caucasian ? "W"

    • Unknown - "U"

  9. Height (3 characters: example - Five foot Four inches is 504)

  10. Weight (3 characters - weight must be expressed in pounds)

  11. Eye Color

  12. Hair Color

  13. Place of Birth (POB): State (US citizen) or Country

  14. Social Security Number

  15. Miscellaneous Number (non-US citizen - please enter alien registration number or I-94 number)

  16. Date Fingerprints Were Taken - MM/DD/YYYY

  17. Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints

  18. Applicant's Employer and Address of Employer

  19. Reason Fingerprinted

    • Firearms License - "Firearms Background Check FFLC"

  20. Fingerprint Impressions (Complete and Legible)

Last Reviewed November 13, 2020